mmmm, coffffaaaayyyy

I’m totally wasting my Rainbow morning nap/shower time squeezing in a post here, which is especially ridiculous considering I have nothing much to say and haven’t even brushed my teeth yet, but let’s just see where this goes.

(TOTALLY just an excuse to drink a third cup of coffee.)

Rainbow is just over the top with the cuteness of late. (As usual.) He is AGGRESSIVELY wanting to crawl and stand, but is being a bit less pushy about my helping him. He’s generally quite happy to just roll and writhe about on the floor, getting up and hands and kness, squirming, scooting backward. I think he’s going to get, like, four more teeth TODAY. I can even feel the lumps under his gums and see the outlines of the teeth up top.


I kind of amused myself in a not-exactly-funny way by losing sleep over fretting about meteors destroying the earth. Sheesh. I had this horrible dream where I was taking care of Rainbow and waiting for Daddy J to get home, and the big boys were out and about, and the news pretty much said This Is It, People – in an hour or so we’re going to go through a meteor shower that will just knock out the planet. So I was trying to make Rainbow laugh and cuddle with him a lot, wondering where in the world Daddy J and the boys were, getting bummed that I didn’t have a stockpile of formula just in case we made it through, and growing somewhat hysterical when a random crazed neighbor threw a brick through a window and the German shepherd freaked out.

I mean, METEORS???!!


I take it as a good sign, though, that my mind took a break from fretting that something awful would happen to little Rainbow and decided to fantasize instead about the entire world getting destroyed. ha ha…? But it’s better, the Fear is less burdensome that it was, at any rate, probably because Rainbow is just so vigorous and strong and glowing.


We had a gold star weekend. Friday, Papa babysat and Daddy J and I went to a Gilligan’s Island themed party for Rockinrolla’s school (and our alma mater.)

James and Julie at Gilligan's Island

O look, Daddy J is a Gilligan’s Island Fan and I am a Ginger-esque person.

Saturday we lounged, mostly, (Daddy J went to a house auction but was outbid) and that night I went with the big boys to a lovely get-together at Cousins R and N’s house, around the corner. On Sunday, we took Rainbow for his first ever zoo trip, which was awesome. One of Rockinrolla’s friends and our neighbor (Ward’s godfather) came with. It was a perfect, perfect zoo day.


oooo, SHHHHH!!! it’s the exotic and rare ALPACA…


with its famed counterpart, Bloated (Pregnant..?) Short Goat…





some completely gratuitous tickling-the-bebeh pics…


a stylin’ and profilin’ Fishmaster (at almost 14 years old)…


the awe-inspiring Obese Sentinel Meerkat (perhaps somewhat chunkier and less observant than the Wild variety)…


and the first of many Pose The Babe In Front Of The Twisty Horns pictures.


Two of Ward’s balloons have been found thus far. One on Short Mountain, and I need to call the lady back to see where that is, because there are many Short Mountains in our state. And one in Sparta on a dairy farm. The lady called to let me know, said that she and her husband found it in a field, and that at first she thought it was a picture of her daughter, who used to have golden curls like that. She was super sweet and seemed to like the whole idea of sending off balloons in his honor, so that was nice.


I’m feeling more in control about the whole Dread Pig Syndrome and Flus In General, as well. Rockinrolla actually had it, so he’s covered, and the Fishmaster had the nose mist vaccine. After giving it a lot of thought, Daddy J and I decided to vaccinate Rainbow, too. He doesn’t go to day care or nursery school or anything like that, but does get out in public a bit, of course, so we were kind of torn. It was a one-shot deal with none of the evil Thimerosol, and thankfully he had no side effects whatsoever from it. (Neither did the Fishmaster.) I’m pretty sure Daddy J had a mild version of it, and I think I had a super-mild case myself (we both took Tamiflu, as this happened on the heels of Rockinrolla’s episode) so I think we will skip the vaccine for us. And I think we’ll all skip the regular flu vaccine; we’ve never taken it before.

What about you? Are you vaccinating yourself and/or the fam for H1N1? Or the regular flu? Are you super-worried about it, just mildly concerned, or do you think it’s all a bit overblown?


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jane
    Nov 09, 2009 @ 17:56:45

    No vaccines here.

    I don’t think it’s overblown but I do believe it’s simply the flu and if we get it we will survive it. My school has humongous hand sanitizer dispensers everywhere so I’m using that a lot and just trying to live a healthy life.

    I’ve also decided to stop taking the regular flu shot as well.

  2. Auntie Sue
    Nov 10, 2009 @ 13:50:12

    Yes on the shots. I already did the regular one and will do the piggie flu shot when I can get one. For years I never got a shot and generally got the flu. Then, duh, I reversed that. Leo is getting cuter/prettier by the day!

  3. thisbumpyjourney
    Nov 13, 2009 @ 15:18:43

    We’ve never done the regular flu shot, and never gotten it, so I don’t think I want to start on that one. I guess it wouldn’t hurt anything, and I will probably change my mind as soon as one of the boys gets it, but I just hate to get stuff put into them if it doesn’t seem necessary. The swine flu has me a bit spooked, though, and it’s the boys’ pediatrician’s fault; he said that it is relatively mild now, but that it could evolve (or whatever viruses do) and get much worse, or hook onto/merge with the avian flu and then be a Very Bad Thing.

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