clever boy

Rainbow is now doing a lot better with the sleep thing. (As far as I’m concerned, that is; he was probably quite happy with waking up two or three times a night for a bottle.) Last night, he slept from about 6:15 until 5:15 in the morning and woke with a moderately wet diaper, which is just AOK all around.

(I, of course, was up several times at night to make sure I heard him breathing on the monitor, and had to go up at 2:30 to check on him because he wasn’t rustling around. He was, in fact, sleeping very peacefully on his side, pacifier in his mouth and blanket corner clutched to his chest.)

(Silly fretful mama.)

He’s kind of crawling: he gets on hands and knees and rocks, then pushes forward onto his stomach. He’s got crawling backward down pretty well. And, O, but that boy loves to stand (with a grown-up spotter) at the coffee table or the bench in front of the window.

The cleverest thing of late, though, is also kind of pain in the neck. He’s gotten SICK and TIRED of people trying to sneak in green vegetables with his macaroni, or cut his mac with oatmeal when we’re running low, so he now insists on eating out of the package. I had been putting his food in bowls to keep the unused part fresh in the jar, but NO MORE, LADY. He clamps his lips shut and reaches for the jar or tub of food with irritated little grunty hums.

In other news: I am all disappointed with the nearest Walmart and Kroger to us. I can’t believe it – our newly renovated Walmart DOESN’T HAVE A CRAFT SECTION AND WHAT IS UP WITH THAT I ASK YOU. I mean, aren’t small town people more likely to, like, get all crafty and sew and stuff? Or are Walmarts everywhere ditching the craft section? I need some thread for a sewing project and I literally don’t think there’s a place in our county seat town to buy it;I guess I will just order online.

AND the grocery store in this town had a totally lame selection of the organic and DHA baby foods – i.e. THEY DIDN’T HAVE THE MAGICAL GERBER #2 MAC N CHEESE and I had to just buy the regular old enriched flour variety.

(Rainbow didn’t seem to mind, though. He snarfed down an entire jar in the parking lot, along with a tub of the pear/blueberry/oat stuff.)

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  1. Wendy
    Nov 20, 2009 @ 14:58:04

    Okay, this might not be related to this post, but I wanted to suggest another food option that Rainbow (and you) might like…if you like bananas.

    My son (18 months) and I are currently obsessed with frozen banana “ice cream”. Super easy to make but a really good dessert/healthy snack.

    Take two frozen bananas, cut into pieces, and throw in your food processor. Process for about 2-3 minutes and then you’ll have frozen bananas that have the texture of soft serve ice cream. I give it to the boy plain (he goobles it up) and if I am feeling fancy, I’ll have some for myself topped with nuts or m&ms. Soooo good!

    If you have leftovers, they can go back in the freezer. It loses a bit of the soft texture but is still good. I gave my son this a lot when he was teething and it seemed to help.

  2. thisbumpyjourney
    Nov 20, 2009 @ 19:04:22

    I like the banana ice cream idea, Wendy – nice one! Rainbow is certainly a fan of regular ice cream – I’ve given him some tiny bites before and he literally shouts for more. AHHH! UHHH! And lurches forward like a ravenous baby bird. It’s pretty funny. So the banana treat sounds GREAT.

    That reminds me of the Fishmaster as a toddler. He wasn’t into food, pretty much at all, so it was a trick to get him to eat anything. I used to buy multiple bags of shredded cheese when it was on sale and then freeze the extras, and on a whim one day I gave him some frozen shredded mozzerella, and he LOVED IT. It was his “cold cheese” (pronounced “co-cheese”) and he would pinch up the little frozen shreds from a tiny bowl and eat them. He also loved to eat wheat germ and shredded coconut this way, each in their own little bowls.

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