Rainbow mobility

So, on Friday, Rainbow was messing around on the floor of the family room (plunked down in the middle of his toy campus) next to the coffee table. Daddy J was sitting in the armchair with his laptop, and I went into the kitchen for something.

When I walked back in, he was TOTALLY STANDING UP AT THE TABLE. And we both missed seeing it. But he has repeated this trick for us, so it’s clear: he’s officially a pull-up guy now.

AND, just now, early this morning, he did his first for real crawling. Not scrambling or scooting or throwing himself forward onto his tummy, but staying up off the floor and moving his knees forward, one after the other.

Go, baby, go.


In other news: The Fishmaster turned fourteen yesterday. He had his best friend spend the night, we had steak (well, and tofu) for dinner, and then watched the new Star Trek movie. I’m getting coffeed up and then will make their breakfast feast (pancakes, maple sausage, and cocoa with Reddi Whip) and then we are having family over for cake and ice cream this afternoon.


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