Christmas Presents for the Babe

So, I’m pretty sure Rainbow is getting this item along with a few stocking stuffers like this and this and this for Christmas.

He asked Santa for it, and Santa (I’m quite certain) feels it is a reasonable request. I think Santa also knows that probably he will not be the only person to give Rainbow presents this year, and that he doesn’t need to go crazy with the toys because Rainbow will shortly have Ward’s play kitchen out and assembled to play in and there are a lot of toys in this house already.

(Although Rainbow does need a special stocking. Santa may be still looking for that.)

Santa (who takes parents’ feelings into consideration at our house) knows that we like the idea of One Big Toy Item in the living room, and thinks that I especially will find this item both visually pleasing and durable. Santa knows that I will also enjoy hanging onto this item as years go by, and that it will probably stow under the piano in the music room and we can wheel it out when young ones come over for visits and won’t that be convenient.

Santa, fortunately, did not witness my irritation when I learned that this company would not combine the free shipping and the 15% off coupons that I had, but I’m pretty sure that Santa nonetheless decided it was a good deal.

***edited to add: Okay, so Santa just saw that that is for ages 3 and up. But that’s crazy talk, right? Probably just there because of the chalk board? I mean, Rainbow will love pulling up on this item and pushing those beads around and doing that race game thing, right?


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