quite possibly knocked up

nononononono, not me.

Karen, the kitten. Who apparently might be an early maturer. Also, we’ve kind of lost track of time – how old is she anyway? She’s still small and slightly kittenish, but has a big old round belly. So, she could just be fat (or wormy – blecchhh,) but it seems equally likely that she has some kitteh buns in the oven.

We were all bummed out (how does one give away kittens…? Walmart parking lot?) but I’m sort of excited now, in a probably very non-PC sort of way. The big boys (and Daddy J and I, for that matter) have never experienced a litter of kittens being born, and I think it will be really cool. Karen is a great mouser (and a very pretty calico,) and I think the dad is a long haired bobtail yellow and white cat who has been hanging around, so won’t people want attractive, good mouser outdoor cats? Won’t they?? We could handle one litter of kittens and then get Karen fixed, right? Not so terrible a thing. Also, kittens are really cute.

I’ll get her to the vet on Monday to get checked out and see what the story is.

***edited to add: We’re going in this afternoon, the first appointment that worked for both the vet’s schedule and ours. So, we’ll see. Karen sure is cute and playful, though, and still small and kittenish (nibbling on fingers like she wants to nurse), and, um, somewhat tubby. I’m actually doubtful it’s worms since she’s been to the vet twice since we got her and has been wormed (and all our pets are wormed and up on all shots), although I am certainly not an expert in the Ways of Internal Parasites. Thanks for all of your support and nice comments, and if we end up having kittens to give away, I’ll certainly let you know.


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  1. Beverly Sanford
    Dec 12, 2009 @ 19:01:08

    Hello to thisbumpyjourney,
    In reading you last post, I could totally relate to your story. As a busy mom of children and several pets, I have experienced the “fast approach” in which young kittens mate. Yes, I am a VERY responsible member of society and our kitten had kittens that we had not planned for. But we took care of them and found them good homes and quickly spayed our momma cat. In the great juggling act of being wife, mom, animal taker, daughter, school volunteer, friend, etc.- every now and then we overlook a detail or two. None of us are perfect.
    You my friend, from afar shine. You shine in the way you love your boys… You shine in the way you honor the loss in your life. You see, although I am not a close friend to you. I have observed you from being a CH mom with you. Your story has touched me, warmed my heart and made me cry. I am awe inspired by you and the “graceful” way you approach life. Keep at it… don’t be discouraged. You are beautiful! My daughter speaks of your son at CH almost everyday. Even in this small way, I am thankful our paths have crossed.
    Makes me happy that Rainbow loves his book, Good Night Moon.
    Merry Christmas to you. Keep on blogging, your writing is incredible and you are touching lives that you don’t even know about. I am cheering you on to write a book!!!
    There will always be someone there to discourage you or pull you down, look up dear girl… You really do SHINE!
    CH Mom-Good Night Moon book giver
    (you will figure out who I am:)

  2. thisbumpyjourney
    Dec 12, 2009 @ 19:55:11

    I wanted to note that I certainly didn’t mean to sound glib about the whole thing. Of course my post skipped through a lot of our thought processses when I said we were “bummed out” about this possible pregnancy. We went through various stages: shock, denial, incredulity, deep unhappiness, then acceptance. We certainly didn’t high five and think this is GREAT, and that we’ll just release the cats into the wild when they get old enough. If she *is* pregnant, we’ll deal with it – get her vet care and find homes for the kittens – and I *do* think it would be something cool for the boys to experience. *If* she’s already pregnant.

    And if she’s *not* pregnant, we’ll get her fixed as soon as the vet says it’s safe to do so. Honestly, she may very well just be fat – she may still be way too young to get pregnant. Certainly, the vet didn’t anticipate it at this age; we just got the card to bring her in for another round of kitten shots a few days ago. She’s been spending more time indoors and eating some of the adult cats’ food; we had been thinking she was just fattening up for winter until we saw this yellow cat in the backyard and then on the front porch yesterday morning.

    I really appreciate those of you who give me the benefit of the doubt and assume I’m a mostly responsible, nice person who sometimes errs.

  3. Leia
    Dec 13, 2009 @ 02:36:00

    There is a very good reason why responsible vets advocate waiting until a kitten is 6 months old. They need those hormones!

    Don’t beat yourself up about it! I don’t suppose for a moment that you set out for this to happen if Karen is in fact preggers, and I am sure that you will look after her and her babies just fine.

    Hope this posts ok, my first post disappeared *poof* gone!

  4. Megan DuBois
    Dec 13, 2009 @ 13:27:34

    Let me know what happens. We would take one if I could figure out how to get it to SC!

  5. Suzanne
    Dec 13, 2009 @ 22:27:56

    When we got our dog from a shelter a few years ago he was sick with kennel cough, and the vet would not let us have him neutered until he had recovered fully. Although we had a fenced yard, to our horror the neighbor’s dog got into our yard and got knocked up. The puppies looked just like our dog. We felt terrible about the whole thing, and I still think about those puppies, hoping they were adopted and are happy.
    Anyway, my point is this; Do the best you can and don’t beat yourselves up. No one can predict every possible scenario. You trusted your vet (as you should) and if your kitten is pregnant you’ll make the best of it.

  6. Erika
    Dec 14, 2009 @ 04:45:55

    i like kitty cats

    if i lived closer i would ask for one.

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