and yet, no cigar

So, I got an email today from someone who said she’d been fostering a corgi who matched our missing dog’s description. I emailed her back and called her and left a message.

She emailed back this picture:

I stared at it.


That’s not her.



That sure looks a LOT LIKE her.

Same slightly manic eyes, same exact white markings around the face.


How many missing female corgis can there BE? That MUST BE HER.

And I was all crying and frantic and called the woman back and said I thought that was her. She asked if our dog was spayed, and I said yes, and she said: Well, this dog wasn’t spayed – we spayed her – so it must not be her.


And now, of course, I see that this dog’s hair is much shorter than Dana’s, and she lacks the black eyeliner around her eyes, and, as Daddy J pointed out, her teeth look a lot nicer…

So, no, yet I’m hopeful that friend L was right when she said, Close counts. She said this when we got the call about an adoption possibility we weren’t comfortable with a day (or was it two?) before we learned about Rainbow. Maybe, she said, things are lining up and zeroing in on you, and, even if this is not your baby, your baby is coming very soon.

It sure would make a great Christmas present to have her home.

(fyi, this little spayed female corgi is available for adoption. The woman offered her to me, and I did consider it, but told her that since we have a baby in the house, I’m not up for taking in a dog who we don’t know right now. If you are interested, please let me know and I’ll send you the contact info. The dog is near Memphis, TN.)


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