merry, merry, merry

at Grandma L’s house: Christmas #1

(note SOFT PUPPY, which has become Rainbow’s bedtime lovey. It is a flattened puppy pelt type thing, which used to be velvety soft, but is now sort of nubby from repeated washings, and often crusty, since there isn’t much of a window to wash it between naps. Ward had the original Soft Puppy, which he adored, and it burned up with the old house. L from the Cat’s Meow shop downtown very sweetly gave us a replacement after the house burned, but Ward was by then enamored of Green Blanket. So, this is technically a hand-me-down from Ward, although he never used it all that much. Rainbow enjoys chewing on Soft Puppy’s ears and using his head as a pillow.)

Rainbow was mightily enamored of the singing and dancing snowman.

Some pics in front of our tree. In the background, hear Mama Jamz exhorting Rainbow to not yank ornaments off the tree, and to smile: SMILE! for the camera.

And today, Christmas day, was really just wonderful. The big boys got special guitars and amps from Santa, along with new ipods and North Face jackets, so they were thrilled. Rainbow got his play table and three items in his stocking from Santa, and he was good-naturedly baffled by the whole thing. We had family, friends, and neighbors over this afternnoon and it was a total treat. We’ve done this the last few years, and each year I kind of worry that maybe I was insane to invite people over on Christmas day, and each year it turns out to be great. Hot apple cider on the stove, treats laid out on the dining room table, and two kinds of soup brought by my mother. Sublime.

Daddy J showing the Commodore some licks on the guitar.

O look, Daddy J gave me a harp for Christmas.

(No, I don’t play.)


I gave Daddy J rattlesnake boots and an eco-sphere. He looks hot in his boots.


It’s been really peaceful and lovely. I’m hyper-aware of how good everything is: everyone is healthy, material needs are more than met, there’s a lot of love and warmth in the house.

I hope you had a very good Christmas day, too.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Meghan Cobble
    Dec 29, 2009 @ 14:26:47

    Yes, merry seems to be the perfect word to use for your Christmas as well as ours too.

    I like that you said hyper-aware. That’s a good word for just exactly how I feel.

    Santa rocks at your house!

    I am in love with Daddy J’s boots. I have a pair myself and wear them almost everyday…they make my feet smile and look cute too!

    .mac 🙂

  2. debra
    Dec 30, 2009 @ 05:14:11

    Rainbow is such a happy baby!

    That’s a beautiful harp.

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