one or the other

Once again, Rainbow is teething and/or has a cold.

Last time, it was right as all eight of his teeth were emerging, and he was clearly miserable and gnawing on everything. And also sniffly and slightly feverish and crabby.

And now, he’s gnawing on stuff with his further-back, still hidden teeth and the gums seem swollen and tender, and he’s also kind of miserable and sniffly, and coughing a lot. Maybe from a cold, or maybe from drooling from the teething.

Six of one, half dozen of the other: it’s no fun.

An unexpected side benefit, though, is that my little Squirmapotamus Monkeysaurus Rex is actually cuddly quite a bit of the time, which is kind of nice. He likes to sit, chewing his finger, and listen to music or watch videos in our laps. We’re giving him Tylenol, which helps. I do hate to hear those coughs. Poor baby.


Friend Leasa made some great resolutions, and I was totally inspired, but I am coming up short when it comes to my own list.

I’m feeling so full and blessed and showered with Good Things, I just don’t know what to even shoot for.

I do want to start working out again and firm myself up, but I don’t want to check Rainbow in to a health club’s nursery at this point. When the weather warms up (and the flu dies back) and he’s less put-it-in-my-mouth-y, then I think I might l be ready, but not quite yet.

I think I should resolve to not forget how good this all is, to not take it for granted. I don’t think I could, really, so this one will be easy to keep.

And I should try to get out and do more good stuff outside of our family, more community reaching-out. I’ve been pretty house-and-home centered for the past year, but I’d like to get back on the Reach Out to Others Wagon.

And, in general, gain the patience and lose the irritation. That’s a good goal.

There are projects I want to do, but they are firmly situated on the back burner for now. Rainbow will probably go to a two-day-a-week preschool in the fall, so I can start cooking with some personal stuff then. I hope to keep on with the part-time work I do from home; that’s certainly financially helpful and mentally stimulating.

And… hm.

Did you make any resolutions? Care to share?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Meghan Cobble
    Jan 03, 2010 @ 19:59:33

    I think, as Kenny would say, “You are on point”.

    I need to tell you I LOVE your bangs. I told your mom that the other day. You are beaming in all of your pictures and I think it is from 2 things:

    1. You get all that you say here:

    I’m feeling so full and blessed and showered with Good Things…

    I think I should resolve to not forget how good this all is, to not take it for granted. I don’t think I could, really, so this one will be easy to keep.

    2. You have tremendously deep and amazing eyes…the bangs with the brighter lip color really make them pop. I mean to the “WOW” level. In pictures I have seen of yours with the new bang look, your eyes strikingly stand out.

    Okay, so onto my resolutions:

    1. Monthly goals matched to a new mantra quote each month.
    2. Running a `1/2 marathon with Kim in April.
    3. Meditation and yoga…I want to try it!
    4. Paint more.
    5. Be more organized and intentional about my actions.
    6. Write more.

    .mac 🙂

  2. thisbumpyjourney
    Jan 07, 2010 @ 01:43:33

    Wow, Meghan, thanks so much for the love. I am pro the bangs, too. It’s weird how much a change it is. Now, when I look back on previous picks, my forehead totally looks all bald. I think I’ll keep them awhile. The only downer is that they have to be blowdried down. So, poolside or beachside, I’ll get kind of a cockatoo look going. But beach/pool = hats, right? So it’s good.

    Those are GREAT resolutions. I was looking a little bit at foldable home fitness machines today, not sure if they’re that great. But I’d love to get in physical shape. A 1/2 marathon seems way beyond what I could do.

    You’d love meditation and yoga. I’ve just done a wee bit of yoga, but it’s great. And you know I love the meditation.

    And the creativitity (painting and writing) and monthly goals and especially the intentionality of actions sound AWESOME. Good on ya. And good luck. I know you can do it.

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