still sniffling

but pretty much all better here. Rainbow got entirely over it a few days ago, and never really got that sick in the first place, so that’s good. Daddy J is flirting with The Sick still, but he’s been holding it back for several days and hopefully will be spared.

One little side effect of Rainbow’s bout with the Dread Cold is that his sleep patterns got a little tweaked. Specifically, he wants to be rocked to sound sleep if he wakes at night. After reading his book.

(“Goodnight Moon,” by the way, is SO yesterday. Right now it’s all about this Mother Goose book. He likes to turn the pages and flip through, and when he’s ready to sleep he only lets me get the first line of each rhyme out before he is ready for the next one, so we end up flipping through it like a catalog.)

Naptime and bedtime are still pretty good. We go through the routine and 90% of the time he goes right down. Occasionally he protests for, like, half a minute before falling asleep, but it’s a pretty half-hearted complaint that’s not frantic or freaked out. And sometimes he convinces us that he’s not really ready to sleep and we let him up to party for another little while.

Last night, though, we had Frantic and Freaked Out. A good hour and a half of rocking, consoling, falling asleep, and then jerking to alertness when I put him in his crib: Repeat. And Repeat. I broke down and read his book with him at one point and he was immediately captivated and soothed. And I get what’s going on in his head: I’m awake and tired, and I need to go through the entire routine, including the book and singing, to get back to sleep. And I think he gets all confused to be awake in the middle of the night (or perhaps it’s nightmares?) and wants to be rocked to deep sleep before he’s left alone.

Anyway, it was a big old bummer. He finally was so exhausted that after one of my rocking sessions with him (which he woke up from as soon as I put him down. again.) that he only cried for about five minutes before going to sleep. This is thankfully a pretty rare thing, like just once every week or two. I’m sensitive, too, to the Adoption Aspect of the whole thing; a lot of the literature and personal accounts we read indicated that adoptees are sensitive to feeling abandoned. That it’s extra important to make sure they know that they will not be left alone and sad. So, there’s that, too.

Poor baby.

Of course, this morning he woke up all bright eyed and bushy tailed, eschewing his YoBaby yogurt but chowing down on my soy cheese grits and bits of clementine orange. I kept wondering why the coffee wasn’t waking me up and then remembered that I had slept for an hour or so and then been up from midnight til 1:45ish. Bleh. He’s chattering in his bed now, and if/when he dozes off, it’s Mama Naptime No Doubt.

(sleep, baby, sleep…)


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  1. ncmarg
    Jan 15, 2010 @ 22:25:04

    I read to my babies all the time, but especially when they were going down for a nap. My first born was never satisfied with just one or two or even three books. So I started taping my readings. I’d read a few books “live” and then turn the tape player on. She really liked it, and I have a piece or oral history that brings back wonderful memories!

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