random product review

In the interests of full disclosure: I’m getting paid exactly zero for these reviews. Just sharing some personal observations for general amusement and edification.

Bright Stars Around We Go Activity Station: A+++ Love, love, love it. Rainbow’s been playing with it for several months. He loved to zoom around in the full circle before he could crawl, like a little hamster in a wheel: around, around, around… And he still loves the toys, especially the piano type thing. It’s great.

Comfortis Flea Treatment for Dogs: A+++ This stuff is the ANSWER. No oily poison stuff on the dogs’ backs for kids to pet and then ingest or rub in the eyes or whatever, or for the dogs to rub off on carpets or furniture. Plus, it starts killing fleas in HALF AN HOUR. And kills all fleas within FOUR HOURS. Awesome.

In Step Suburban Jogging Stroller: A. Like it QUITE A LOT. We’ve had some occasional wobbly wheel issues, and the crotch part of the seatbelt doesn’t come out far enough – I worry that it’s perhaps not so comfortable for Rainbow. But he doesn’t complain: that boy LOVES to stroll. And the under-seat cargo department is great for diapers, jackets, mail, snacks, etc.

Benefit LemonAid eye concealer and Hello Flawless! and That Gal: A Like these A LOT. Not the A+++ just because they’re not cheap, but otherwise, awesome. I have several other Benefit products that I like pretty well, but these are totally my favorites and I plan to purchase them again.

Tempurpedic Pillow: A Again, not the +++ thing because they are pricey, but they are awesome. The queen size is the ticket. We have one queen and one king, and the king is a bit too big for me. We have a generic memory foam mattress from Overstock that is also great. Love that astronaut foam to sleep on.

Bumbo Baby Sitter: B- Maybe it’s great for less, um, physically present babies. But Rainbow fit in it for, like, four days during the brief window when he both might be interested in using this and when his thighs could be comfortably wedged in to the leg holes.

Chicco Polly Double Pad Vinyl High Chair: C+ On the pro side: It’s VERY cute, and the vinyl seat is nicely padded and easily wiped off. In theory, it’s foldable, but we have no interest in that aspect of it: ours stays out in full flight at all times. The top of the tray lifts off for cleaning, which is nice, I guess, although a less bulkier tray wouldn’t be a big deal to just wash in entirety. On the con side: The tray is VERY hard to lock into place. You have to wiggle it around quite a bit to get the pegs to engage, all the while fearing that you’re going to mush your baby’s nether regions as you scoot the tray around. Also, the anti-crotch sliding hump is on the tray, not the seat, which means that, as you’re trying to get the tray to lock and the belts fastened, you have to guard carefully against the baby sliding out.

SOOO, there you have it. Not my deepest thoughts, but maybe of interest to anyone who’s shopping for any of that sort of thing.

And I have a question for you, too:

I keep getting sucked in to that Cindy Crawford melon extract skin care informercial, which must be on ALL THE TIME because I really don’t watch that much TV. And it sounds like MAGIC. Seriously, I almost called the other day, which I have NEVER DONE based on an informercial. Have you used this stuff? Is it the bomb? Or was Cindy just broke from buying too much couture and plastic surgery and the company offered her the big bucks for her testimonial? I have liked the Obaji regimen I was on, and my dark spots are in fact lighter, but I think I’m ready for something to make my skin feel softer and smoother and more comfortable.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Megan DuBois
    Jan 17, 2010 @ 02:07:57

    the way that this picture came thru on my computer had baby’s face covered with rainbows. very sweet.

  2. Debra
    Jan 19, 2010 @ 18:40:21


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