Habitat Ball planning is coming right along.

Once again, we are draping the room in shimmery plasticky fabric, but this time with a silver instead of the gold. With borrowed torchiere floor lamps and icicle white lights (accumalated from committee members) tacked in where crown molding would go, over the fabric sheeting. I’m most excited about these things in the glitter color. They are in sets of five (we bought four sets) but they snap together, so we can hang groups of three or five or seven or a random single one from the ceiling, and I think it will be super cool. Also I think we are getting several sets of these to hang behind the bars, these stars to form a walkway, and some small stars to scatter about on the black tablecloths and bid tables. And we should have some white light stars to put outside for people to walk by as they enter. Cute, huh?

The table decoration lady said she has black and silver candleabras, and I’m slightly nervous that they are more of a traditional look that the contemporary disco look I was drawn to, but, whatever. We do what we can, and I was drawn to the sparkles.


I’ve mentioned before how I love my Habitat ladies, but it’s worth repeating:

I LOVE my Habitat ladies.

It’s this really spicy salad of personalities, funny and bright and quirky. I love getting to know these women from the county seat town, because I wouldn’t have much chance to otherwise. And they inspire me so much.

One of them stepped up to pay for the decorations out of her own pocket because (and yes, I’m paraphrasing), “my husband and I got a bonus [from their self-owned company] that we haven’t been able to give ourselves or our employees for the last few years, and I was so excited! I immediately started figuring out how much I could give to all my favorite charities with it, so – no arguments ladies! – I want to pay for this.”


I am also so deep-down happy because someone I care very much about is getting a Habitat house this year. I didn’t know she had even applied until she was selected, and now they have only 3 sweat equity hours left. I am so, so excited for her and her family and the path that they are on. I talked to her on the phone a couple of days ago and it’s just an enormous blessing to know her and to have had our lives intersect.


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