I’ve mentioned this before, but it bears repeating: Chemo Angels and Senior Angels are wonderful, wonderful programs.

I wrote to someone via the Chemo Angels Card Angel program and it was incredibly meaningful to me. The Card Angel program isn’t that demanding – just a card or letter about every week. There is also the regular Chemo Angel program where you send small gifts as well (which I did on occasion anyway) but I was leery of committing to that since I don’t get to stores a whole lot to buy little gifty things.

I know I’ll do it again when my schedule clears up a bit, but right now, with a project I have started, taking care of wee Rainbow, and writing F once every week or two, I think I will postpone committing an Angel program for a little while longer.

But: They are in need of volunteers. I got this message from the Angel administrator:

Due to the tricky economic times as well as the recent holiday season, quite
a few Angels have had to resign during the past few months. We are in
serious need of new volunteers. Please help us spread the word! Tell your
friends, relatives, neighbors, co-workers — anyone you feel would make a
great volunteer. We need Chemo Angels, Card Angels and Senior Angels. Send
interested parties to our website, or .net to apply.
Thank you so much!

If you have time to commit to writing to someone weekly, this is a great experience that I don’t think you’ll regret. Click here to learn more.

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