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So, each of the last few years the ladies on the Habitat board with me have tried to get all matchy for the upcoming ball. It’s one of the reasons I love it so ridiculously much – it sometimes feels like I’m back in college or high school with fun girlfriends who all want to wear the same colors to a big event as a show of sisterly solidarity.


Anyway, this year the colors are black and silver. Silver is a bit iffy with my coloring; sometimes it works, but I kind of need a tan to pull it off. I bought a very beautiful silk gown (on clearance) from J.Crew with gifted Christmas shopping money that is simple and elegant and my favorite color: a cranberry/wine red.

It’s prettier than it looks. The shoulders have this nice pleated thing going on, and the color is just gorgeous. I have this enormous wine red flower clip/pin that I was thinking I would affix in my hair. I haven’t had my hair done for an event in a long time, but it seemed like a great idea to put it up in a twist, leave the heavy bangs and some tendrils, and then clip the flower to the side of the twist like a senorita.

So, there’s that. Elegant, simple, and my favorite color ~ but not the matchy colors that will make me look like I’m part of the Habitat team.

I bought this one, too, which I adore and which was kind of an ebay splurge:

I love it, love it, LOVE IT. Love that black lace over the nude stretch satiny stuff, love the cummerbund in wine red, love the swishy skirt. The colors are close enough to make me matchy with the girls, which is certainly a bonus.

However, it won’t zip up. I bought it in the size that ought to fit, even with my SAHM’s squishy tum, but, alas, no. That cummerbund just ain’t happening. The zipper makes it up to there and that’s all she wrote.

I tried on various boned and painful foundation garments yesterday at a department store and decided that’s not the ticket. Not that I’m anti; it’s more that they just don’t work with the cut of this dress. So I thought I’d stick it in the closet to see if I end up losing weight before next year’s ball, with vague plans to ebay it at some point if that falls through. But friend D came over today and went wild for it and just insisted that I make it work.

So, I’m thinking that my big wine red flower pin will come into play, covering up where the waist had to be let out in the back. A big red flower on my back…? Pretty, maybe? The seamstress who (handily) lives right behind me is coming over tomorrow while Rainbow naps and we’ll see what the deal is.

This may all sound like a silly little fluffernuthin, but it’s fun for me. I love the whole thing. I love that the ball is smallish and manageable and I get to be a part of it, I love the charity it raises money for, and I love getting all fancy with my friends once a year. And it’s great that if dress #2 falls through, I have an excellent option with dress #1, so I’m not even stressed about it.

Ball planning is coming right along, by the way. The decor is going to be somewhat modern and cool, if I do say so myself, and I can’t wait to do my favorite task: coming up with the catchy and silly titles and descriptions for the auction bid sheets. With the vigorous efforts of committee members, including some new, vivacious, and charming ladies on the team, auction offerings are going to be varied and valuable.


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  1. ncmarg
    Feb 05, 2010 @ 12:52:05

    I admit I had to Google SAHM and was glad to learn it means Sexy and Hot Mama. Well, and maybe Stay at Home Mom. Nah!!!

  2. Mac
    Feb 09, 2010 @ 13:14:56

    Alright. That dress is divine. Love the low neckline. You have great shoulders for this too. And…your hair is the perfect length to play flirty-flirt with the open shoulders and back.

    I say go with the flower and do something whimsy/dramatic with your hair.


    Are you just going to wear black strappy heels? Sling backs?

    I have a feeling I would LOVE this ball too! Dancing AND fun Barbie doll dresses—uh-huh!

    Not that you will do this, but I usually do….so some advice.

    When I feel weirdish about my mid-section…I usually slouch my shoulders…pointed out by Kenny.

    Don’t do this! And I know you totally know this already and not that you do it or that I know that you do…

    It totally takes away from the look of the dress. Most likely, no one else really sees what you call your squishy tummy, SAHM!!! So, slouching would only make them think there is something wrong and then their eyes will look for it!

    So, stand up tall and dance with your fun man!

    Oooh, please post pictures! Lots of you in this dress! I love that meshy lace stuff!

    A SAHM that loves to dress up,
    .mac 🙂

  3. Mama Jamz
    Feb 11, 2010 @ 01:17:43

    Sigh, well… the dress still won’t work after alterations. Bummer. I could probably wear it if I didn’t eat all day, but I have learned from harsh experience that skipping dinner, dancing wildly, and cooling off with refreshing white wine = an early night and possibly some embarrassing conversations. Sure, I could skip the food AND the wine, but that just doesn’t sound like fun at all.

    So! We’re going with the jcrew dress, and I’m in the process of getting someone to twist up my hair and stick the flower in it.

    And mac, that’s GREAT advice. Daddy J tells me the same thing, often: Throw back your shoulders and look PROUD. I try to remember, but: see white wine comment above.

    But, yes, I’m thinking my strappy black sandals with the wine colored dress. I have some stiletto raspberry ones that might almost match, but they totally kill my feet, and this dress is so long that if I dance shoeless I’ll trip on myself. I bought a cool black crystal circle pendant necklace that might work, or I may wear my lovely and more subtle diamond and ruby necklace. The flower is going to be pretty bold in my hair; subtle jewelry may be the way to go.

    And yes, mac, you’d LOOOOOVE this ball. 🙂

    Thanks for the sweet comments, marg. I feel pretty good, really, about my figure, it’s just a huge downer to not fit into a dress that I THOUGHT would fit, and, for that matter, to try on confining undergarments under harsh flourescent lighting. No fun ‘tall.

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