book reviewing

****Spoiler alert!!!****

I want to talk about a couple of the Barbara Kingsolver books I just readThe Bean Trees and Pigs in Heaven, so, um, quit reading if you might want to read them someday and haven’t. They’re a great read, so you really might want to pick them up.


SO, I just finished Pigs in Heaven. I didn’t realize that it involved the same characters as The Bean Trees until I started it. Which was good, because I was all anxious about what would happen to the characters at the end of the first book, and bad, because I was all anxious during the whole second book about their fates.

Those of you who have read these books: It occurred to me that Taylor’s cluelessness is in artistic opposition to her tough-girl attitude. I got so annoyed with her actions, especially with the adoption, but is she supposed to be this blend of naivete and grit? Is that the deal? Being not worldly, and yet still brazen enough to fight to live in the world?

The mangled adoption aspect, obviously, was hard to read. It was a pretty big pill to swallow that a young adult would think it was okay to “adopt” a baby just like that, not to mention the paperwork stuff they finagled. But, I guess that’s just part of Taylor’s dual character, perhaps? Dumbass/smartass?

I wonder how often Native American adoptions by non-tribal AP’s happen nowadays? Anybody know? Is it super-rare?

I enjoyed reading the argument about keeping the tribe intact; I had never had those issues presented so clearly.

I’m also wondering if life on the res is really like that, because it was pretty darn idyllic in the book. Anybody know? The extended family closeness? The awesomeness of the Stomp Dance??


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