Not because I don’t love you, but because life is in fast-forward right now, I present:

The Bulleted Updates

(…erm… can’t see how to create bullets…)

Make that:
The NUMBERED Updates

1. The Ball was magnificent. We worked away on Friday and Saturday (some of the ladies late-ish into Friday night, even) and got it all decorated and bid sheets made and tables set and Whew. The wrap-up meeting is coming up, but preliminary estimates look like we netted $35 thousand, which is GREAT, and should build a house for someone in our community.

2. My dress fit, at any rate. The entire look I’m a little uncertain about. I’m kind of afraid to look at the pictures, honestly. I sort of knew the flower for my hair was too big, but I really wanted to wear it… At one point I confided in a friend that I felt like maybe it was all a bit much and overdone, and that I sort of felt like a tranny, and WITHOUT BATTING AN EYE she said something very close to, Oh, but that’s just how you ARE, that’s how you DRESS. You look great, but I would never wear something like that MYSELF.

Errrrrhhhhhhmmm… I think I need a stylist.

3. Valentine’s Day was probably the BEST EVER this year. Except that Daddy J got sick. But that didn’t happen until the next day, so the day itself was AWESOME. We saw Avatar at the IMAX, and I loved it so much I just wanted to pop all throughout. Visual treat, moving story, all full of positive yearnings and loveliness. (O! How I loved the phosphorescent forest! O! How I did!)

Then we went to dinner at the Opryland Gaylord (cue Butthead: Uh-huh-huh-huh… You said, “Gay Lord) (Yes indeed, The Commodore and Rockinrolla have discovered Beavis and Butthead, heaven help us) and I just delight in walking around that hotel, as we did with the Louise Mandrell event. Just fairyland delight, everywhere you turn. We went to bed in our lovely room early-ish, and I left Daddy J sleeping the next morning to go to my Ultra Magnificent Valentines Treat: a facial at the super-posh spa there. O! the decadence and utter perfection of the whole thing! O! THIS is why I envy the super-rich: they can get super-deluxe facials whenever they want.

And Daddy J got flu-y symptoms and we went right home, so that was no good.

(He’s still fairly sicky, but on an upward trend.)

4. Rainbow is just the smartest little trick in shoe leather (to channel my Grandma Newton.) He now waves (with both hands!), knows how big the baby is (SO big!), walks all over the place, ANNNND stacks blocks now, instead of knocking them down immediately like Godzilla. (The stacking thing made me cry today. He just up and DID it.)

5. The Bread Machine has been seeing a whirl of activity of late. Turns out the big boys love fresh bread, and since they eat a lot (ahem) it’s nice to have something very wholesome on hand for them to munch on. I made a loaf today with 1/3 soy flour (protein bonus!) and fruity baby yogurt, and
Rainbow thinks it’s pretty darn nomtastic.

6. The Part Time Job from home via computer is going quite well. It means that I don’t have so much free time to blog, because I jump on the puter to work as soon as Rainbow goes down for a nap, but the cash flow is a good thing.

Whew. I hope you’re doing well. I’ll post some pics of my youngest little man soon.

Who will be ONE YEAR OLD on the 26th.


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  1. Erin
    Feb 19, 2010 @ 05:24:35

    Don’t let insecurity from a backhanded compliment get to you. I think you’re one gorgeous lady with an equally gorgeous family. But if you really want some style help, go see my sister Adrienne at Levy’s. (Check her out in the latest issue of Nashville Lifestyle’s Single and Fabulous thing online) I’ve mentioned you to her before, so she’d know exactly who you are. :>)

    Congrats on a successful ball!

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