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Created by Rainbow’s awesome godmother and our dear friend C, here is a video chockful of reasons why you should go here and vote for our town every 24 hours until April 11. We are the “Stitch in Time” entry.


I joined a health club and have gone a few times, and it’s great. I LOVE to work up a good sweat and dance around. The elliptical’s fine and all, and I’ve done that along with weights a couple of times, but I had kind of forgotten how fun aerobics classes are. I get that adrenalin rush (it happens when Daddy J takes me dancing, too – take me dancing, Daddy J!) when it’s just SO FUN to jump around for hours. I don’t get it with the elliptical so much, although I soldier through and do a good half-hour, but the aerobics totally does it for me. LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

The bonus with this health club is that a lot of my friends go there, and it’s extra fun to take a funky dance-y aerobics class with friends. Also, cousin N often brings her youngest child to the nursery, so Rainbow can play with him there.

Rainbow does pretty well in the nursery. I kind of wish the babysitter in there had a little more pep. I’m all: So, my child might need a little distraction as I walk out the door. ahem. MIGHT help if you would get in here and play with him some. MIGHT need you to do that. ahem. Oh look, Rainbow! Your friend is coming over to play with you! And she sort of makes her way over. Reluctantly.

However, she’s plenty nice, and there have so far only been one or two other kids in there. Today I forgot Soft Puppy and his pacifier, which was probably why he was sort of unhappy when I got there. Not actually crying, but vocally protesting and griping a bit. I’ll remember Soft Puppy next time, though, and I bet we’ll be golden.


Ruby smells like a cross between Old Lady soap and Preteen Girl body spray. I kid you not. You can bury your face in her ample shoulders and breathe deeply and NOT be nauseated, just sort of amazed with the floral-soapiness of it all.

(Which totally reminds me of Pimp My Ride. Like, taking something vile and making it all fresh and lovely and pleasant to be around.

Oooo, reality show idea? Pimp My Dog.



Never mind.)

The vet shampoo, used a whole week ago, totally degreased and destinkified her, and I’ve applied a couple of deodorant products for good measure since then. The ionic brush seems like a totally ineffective gimmick, but we’ll continue to use it and think that maybe it’s helping in some way. It makes no sound or anything, it’s just a plastic brush with stiff, widely spaced bristles and a blinking light to show it’s on, but, eh. I’ll give it a good shot.


The Commodore is about to go to the state semifinals for the National Geography Bee. Yes indeedy we are proud.

Also, he got accepted to the private school in town that is Daddy J’s and my alma mater (and Rockinrolla’s current school) so he will in fact be going there in the fall. The Commodore is doing sort of startlingly well with the trap shooting, along with the cross country in the fall, and he can continue both of these activities at his new school. Or choose to take up one of a bazillion others.

It is so very sweet to see Rockinrolla and the Commodore talking about this school, Rockinrolla describing it and telling his big brother what to expect. I think it’s going to work out magnificently.


We had a golden day a the zoo yesterday. It’s the Commodore’s spring break and Rockinrolla took his A honor roll holiday from school, so I had my big boys and my baby boy with me on this gorgeous 72 degree day. Awesome.

Rainbow was sort of dragging when we got to the bouncy foam room of toddler delights, but then he perked right up. He’s a social guy, squealing and running up to other little kids to touch them on a shoulder. We had a brief moment of panic when he started to take a chomp out of another little boy, but I jumped in and pulled him back before he made contact.

(Yes, he’s totally a biter right now. I’ve never had a biting child. It’s not that he’s mad or anything; I think he thinks it’s a kiss. He reaches in with his little wide open mouth and then chomps you like a peach. He seems to enjoy it and think that the bitee should, too. Except it hurts the victim and tends to leave a mark. It really crushes his feelings to have his little bared teeth pulled away and to hear the word “NO” about the whole thing. Poor little chomper.)


Also, whatever baby crack they put in Gerber #2 mac-n-cheese is apparently in the toddler version as well. Rainbow is all over it. Gerber pasta rings in tomato sauce? Ptooooooie. Gerber lasagna bites? Oh H to the NO, woman. I’ll eat some bread and jam, maybe some banana chunks, refried beans, and that havarti’s pretty good, but really it’s all about the mac.

PSA: Kroger

So, I’ll spare you the gory play-by-play. We stopped in at Kroger after Rainbow and I picked up the Commodore from school, I ended up buying a moderately large amount of stuff, Rainbow and the Commodore were both a little bored with the whole thing by checkout time.

And then it all went awry.

The take-home messages are as follows:

1. Give your credit card a good swipe in the machine the FIRST time. DO NOT give it a flimsy little half-swipe where you pull it out before it passes all the way through. THIS MIGHT CAUSE YOUR CREDIT CARD COMPANY TO FREEZE YOUR CARD WHEN YOU RE-SWIPE. This will cause a message to flash on the screen that reads: UNAUTHORIZED USER, and you will be ushered to customer service.

2. Make sure that the secondary credit card in your wallet didn’t expire a month ago.

3. Be aware that Kroger, and possibly other stores, have this policy that I just learned about: If you haven’t written a check there in a year, they will only take a check for a max of $150.

4. Also be advised that it might take multiple calls to the credit card company, after each of which they assure you that the card is good to go, before you can actually get the machine to accept your card.

5. The customer service guy at the Kroger I go to has poor people skills. Don’t expect things like eye contact and multi-syllabic words if this happens to you.

And I certainly hope it doesn’t.

silly little Rainbow

Rainbow thought he was pretty clever with his cup a couple of days ago. He’s a funny boy.


Ode to the Malodorous Hound

O, Basset Hound, with eyes of gold,
Who knew your odor would grow so old?
As a puppy you were so soft and mellow,
Cuddling on the couch like soft-set jello.

Your puppy smell was kind of pleasant,
But it’s nothing like what’s going on at present.
Rotting fish, rancid corn chips, fecal matter ~
Your entrance causes our guests to scatter.

You’ve never been anything but gentle,
Never snappy or temperamental.
Stubborn and lazy, yes indeed,
But that’s just the nature of the breed.

Yet this awful reek we cannot savor
Makes our steadfast love for you… waver.
An internet search proves we’re not alone
And that we need much more than doggy cologne.


So, yes. Daddy J has had quite enough of it. And her smell is indeed foul. We’re upping our efforts at corralling the stink.

Switching from boy administered baths every week or two to a bath from a grown-up every single week. And back to daily brushings, as opposed to the twice-or-so a week she’s been getting. I’ve ordered three snoods that I’m hoping will help with the whole drag-the-ears-through-water-and-mud thing she does. And going to go back to Zyrtec instead of Benadryl to help with her, um, mucus secretions. I might switch her to the sensitive food diet, too, because apparently that can make a difference. I’ve even read about giving them a Listerene rinse after bathing, which is intriguing.

She SO sweet, but, dang, she’s a stinkpot.


So, I had seen the “about” page on other people’s blogs but hadn’t actually figured out how to edit the info on mine until now. I saw that people had been clicking on that and it must have been thrilling to read the generic WordPress announcement they found, but I just wanted to let you know that I did in fact write a little bit about this blog here.

It’s kind of a quickie, not a lengthy life-story, but maybe we’ll get to that at some point.

Baby steps, right?

a call for votes!

If you have a minute or two to spare, PLEASE go to this site and vote for “A Stitch in Time,” the entry penned by our friend Billy, that represents our town. You do have to register, but it only takes a minute, and I’d suggest clicking the boxes that say you do not wish to receive various emailed offers and newsletters, unless of course, you like getting lots of emails like that.

The contest ends on April 11 and we are neck in neck with the current leader. It would AWESOME for our little village of 450 to win this. We are all so excited. We’d get a concert (and Daddy J’s band would get to open for them!) and celebrity visits and a really fun and special day.

AND – once you register, please try to go back every day (you can vote every 24 hours) and cast your vote again.

thank you thank you thank you!!!

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