Ode to the Malodorous Hound

O, Basset Hound, with eyes of gold,
Who knew your odor would grow so old?
As a puppy you were so soft and mellow,
Cuddling on the couch like soft-set jello.

Your puppy smell was kind of pleasant,
But it’s nothing like what’s going on at present.
Rotting fish, rancid corn chips, fecal matter ~
Your entrance causes our guests to scatter.

You’ve never been anything but gentle,
Never snappy or temperamental.
Stubborn and lazy, yes indeed,
But that’s just the nature of the breed.

Yet this awful reek we cannot savor
Makes our steadfast love for you… waver.
An internet search proves we’re not alone
And that we need much more than doggy cologne.


So, yes. Daddy J has had quite enough of it. And her smell is indeed foul. We’re upping our efforts at corralling the stink.

Switching from boy administered baths every week or two to a bath from a grown-up every single week. And back to daily brushings, as opposed to the twice-or-so a week she’s been getting. I’ve ordered three snoods that I’m hoping will help with the whole drag-the-ears-through-water-and-mud thing she does. And going to go back to Zyrtec instead of Benadryl to help with her, um, mucus secretions. I might switch her to the sensitive food diet, too, because apparently that can make a difference. I’ve even read about giving them a Listerene rinse after bathing, which is intriguing.

She SO sweet, but, dang, she’s a stinkpot.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Meghan Cobble
    Mar 17, 2010 @ 03:30:00

    Oh that sweetie.

    Poor, poor rank sista.

    She still looks just as cute though nasty as she may be.

    Oh the dog smell can be so unbearable!

    Nice POA.

    .mac 🙂

  2. Mama Jamz
    Mar 17, 2010 @ 16:47:25

    I just placed a big order from Amazon for de-stinking products and generic zyrtec and an ionic pet brush, which sort of sounds like a ripoff but had good user reviews, so we’ll see. She’s on the sensitive diet now, as well, and the vet says I can run by and try some powerful destinking shampoo. Hopefully we can sort this out a bit. She’s awfully sweet, but smells like a dumpster.

  3. Mama Jamz
    Mar 22, 2010 @ 16:54:09

    You know, the vet shampoo was pretty amazing. It’s some degreasing, anti-bacterial stuff, and after a bath on THURSDAY, she’s still not stinky. She kind of smells like old lady soap. I’m feeling pretty optimistic that with that and the products that are on their way we’ll get a handle on this.

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