So, I have some personal goals that are pretty exciting. Not new goals, really, but they have circulated back to the top of my mental pot and are bobbing up on the surface.

I have been writing pretty prolifically and submitting articles to various online and print magazines.

And… got one accepted by Babble.com! To be published next month! Signed the contract and everything!

I’ve also been submitting to Parenting and Adoptive Parenting magazines, so we’ll see.

But the big news is something I’ve wanted to do for years: have a romance novel published. Yes. I do love me a good romance novel. I wrote the first chapter today and have the plot in my head. Spoiler: there are wildly racy bits that I don’t think I’ll want my mom to read, and they end up together.

My husband, who is super-supportive of my goals, was in favor of my desire to modify our attic into my own office space. That’s where I’m typing right now. O, how do I love my office. Yes, I do.

And I love my husband, who is superlative in every way I can imagine.

The kick-in-the-pants for my novel was meeting someone last night who works in publishing for one of the big romance novel companies. She had some great advice for me and told me to call her with any questions. Sweet! I’m taking this as a sign that NOW is the time for me to finish a novel and get it out there.

(Yes, I did have about 3/4 of a romance novel completed, The Gardener’s Son, and it got eaten when the computer died. Apparently, for $1500 we can have a computer sleuth go through our files and see if a shred of it still exists. It was very heartbreaking. But – they WERE going to end up together. At least I know how it turned out.)

I have a very soft spot in my heart for romance novels, by the way, because they were a life raft for me after Ward’s accident. I didn’t want to watch TV (too much risk of disturbing imagery) and I often couldn’t sleep, and I always needed to shut up my raging, swirling thoughts. Enter the romance novel: you know that good will triumph and you know that the people in love will end up together. I must have read a hundred romance novels during the months after his transition. I meditated, too, of course, and talked with friends and online grief groups, but there were plenty of times when I just wanted to lose myself in a happy-in-love story. There still are. I love romance novels, and well-written ones are real treasures.

So, wish me luck and perseverance. I’m sharing, by the way, so that I’ll also be accountable in a public way for my ongoing progress. My plan is to try to write daily, either working on the novel OR writing articles for publication in magazines. I will for sure put the link here for the Babble piece and any others I get published.


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