Balloon update

It’s always so fun to track where the balloons we release in honor of Ward’s birthday go. So far, three have been found.

The first was found on Oct. 30 in Rock Island, TN by a lady in her driveway. It was sort of strange when I got her email because her name is really similar to the photographer who took some pictures of Ward years ago, but it’s not the same person.

The second was found in Decatur TN (Meigs County) by a man who was deer hunting in the woods. His sister emailed me about it. She has two small children, ages 7 and 4.

The third was found in a pasture in Evensville, TN by an older couple. Their grandson emailed me and said that they have his card in their house.

I like it that his picture is getting out there on his birthday, and it’s good, I think, that people get that pang of loss and give their loved ones an extra hug when they find his card.

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