planning for the ball

So, Habitat Ball planning is underway.

I’m one of the decorations people, and have been scouring the Interweb for bargain decorations. Since it’s a fundraiser, saving money on decorations is a huge priority, so that we can give more to the charity. At the same time, this is the only yearly black tie (optional) event in our county and it needs to be fancy so that we can continue to get the patrons and sponsors in and get the big bucks donated.

We will have about 24 tables. In years past, we’ve mixed up the table centerpieces, but all obviously will need to match the theme and color. For instance, different candleholders and vases and such, but the same table covers and chair covers.

This year’s colors are light pink, black, and silver, and we are looking at a retro martini/champagne bubbles/Parisian sort of vibe. It’s still in the formative stages, but I think it will be gorgeous. I tend to gravitate more toward deeper jewel or earthy tones, so light pink and black are not my natural inclination, but I think the whole effect will be beautiful and chic and memorable.

My question:

Got any cheap sources for jumbo acrylic martini glasses? Black or silver or white (or pink) candelbras? Floating candles and glass bowls?

Any great (and inexpensive) ideas for the centerpieces?

Any smart ideas in general?


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