I mailed out most of our Christmas cards yesterday.

It’s such a stinkin’ ordeal to address them all and get them out. Like, hours and hours of looking up addresses and writing them and sealing and stamping all the cards.

Every year I commit to typing the addresses into the computer at some vague date over the summer so I can print address labels, and every year it doesn’t happen. Every year I tell myself halfway through the process that I’m not going to deal with it again next year, and every year (well, excepting the fire and moving and fresh grief years) I do it.

All because I LOOOOOVE Christmas cards. We make ornament balls from the ones from the previous year, so we have this great record of everybody’s children growing up. Ours only go back to 2006 at this point, but the collection keeps on growing, just like everybody’s kids keep on doing.

And we got a new tree – a 7′ white bubble tree. I think it’s the coolest thing ever. Our old, enormous tree had lights that were a pain in the neck to figure out. Daddy J would work on it like the dad from A Christmas Story, grumping and grousing, and still have a band of unlit lights like a belt around the thing. So we gave it away and downsized. The bubble tree only holds maybe 50 ornaments or so, so I went through our assortment of ornaments and got all color theme-y. This year: blue, silver, and white. Love it. Extra fun right now because Rainbow is all about bubbles. Bubbles in the bathtub, bubbles blown on the back deck, bubbles in the tree.

We took the big boys to see the Messiah performed by the Nashville Symphony last night, and it was a terrific evening. Fancy dinner, and this beautiful performance. The boys liked it, too. They got a little sleepy, but just cozied down in their seats and listened to the music, so it was fine.

There was this high voiced male singer (a counter tenor, I think?) who sang the alto parts, and he was just astonishing. His voice sounded like something you’d hear in the Queen of England’s court three hundred years ago. The soprano had a gorgeous voice, too. Her voice would trill over the complicated music effortlessly. She was like a little bird opening its mouth and having this amazing sound spill out. Just perfection.

I’m close to being done with Christmas shopping. I again did a lot of magazine subscriptions, which sure are easier and I hope are appreciated. I know I love magazines. I love getting little presents in the mail all year long. I think one more trip to Walmart or Target will wrap things up. And I just picked up a case of assorted wines for gifts and entertaining. So, whew. I’m feeling pretty together at this point.

We have Christmas #1 at Grandma L’s this weekend.

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Leasa
    Dec 17, 2010 @ 17:10:40

    I ADORE that tree!

  2. Mama Jamz
    Dec 23, 2010 @ 19:41:10

    Thanks, Leasa! I added a VERY crafty and otherworldy tree topper, whipped together after a trip to Hobby Lobby. I’ll post a pic. It totally captures the spirit of the alien/Lady Gaga tree .

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