almost Christmas day

It occurred to me that the whole “slow as Christmas” thing only works for kids. Christmas comes fast for Daddy J and me. As do the changing seasons and birthdays and all of it. Time flies. I have these weekly Fossamax pills I take that come in a 4 pack, so I have to refill my prescription monthly, which totally underscores how my months seem to last, like, six days. It was time to refill again yesterday, and I swear I just did it.

Anyway, almost Christmas!

We had Christmas part one at Grandma L’s on Sunday and it was lovely. She puts out a terrific spread of gourmet munchies for a prolonged hors d’oeuvre-y type lunch, and then a full dinner. This year she made two lasagnas (veggie and meat), salad, and homemade artisan bread, and Daddy J brought spicy mac-n-cheese. Yum.

We got there late morning hoping Rainbow would nap. No nap, but he did lounge in his bed and chatter for 45 minutes or so. He spent both Sunday night and Monday night with Grandma L and I have missed him like crazy, but I get him back here in about an hour. AND I think I got all of my Christmas shopping done yesterday. It was a huge bonus to run around various stores without the lil bun.

(Well, except for one gift item that didn’t work out once I got it home.)


But I’m almost done, and the big day is almost here. The big boys are all grown-up about Santa and gifts, but I think they will like their main gifts very much. Rainbow doesn’t really understand the whole gifting experience, but I think he will enjoy the handful heaping lapful of gifts that Santa brought. Santa did try to hold it in check, seeing as he’s only 21 months old and certainly doesn’t need anything, but Santa did indulge a bit in some items that I think will delight him fully.

(Hint: Thomas the Train.)

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