So, it was last fall when the dining room table broke. Like, well over a year ago. The sliding mechanism that lets the table take leaves just pulled right out of the wood. We had somebody redrill holes in it in different places and thought we were good to go. But next time we tried to pull it out to use the leaves – ka-thunk! – it fell apart again.

(It is of note, I think, that I can’t find a picture of the thing. It’s just not a room we use a lot, and had sort of become a room that we had to make ourselves use. I can’t find it on the interwebs anywhere. Picture blond burl maple with chunky chrome legs. A very cool table, actually.)

Anyway, the fixer man picked it up a couple of weeks ago. He’s going to order a new slider thing for underneath and fix it and then bring it back.

Except, I think I want to sell it.

I think I like the spare, uncluttered dining room.

I think I am pro the cool chairs + coffee table combo here. It invites sitting and watching the fish swim around, and I think it would get used more than the formal table.

I’m kind of thinking that I want to unload the lucite and white naugahyde chairs, too, and get some lower, lounge-ier chairs for this room. Some funky bright colors, perhaps. That leather bench makes a reasonably serviceable table for now, but I’ll keep my eyes open for something else. May even come out ahead cash-wise, depending on what we get for the dining room table.


Here’s the kitchen set-up, which is pretty good:

The table matches the cabinetry and fits the breakfast nook nicely. If we get rid of the dining room table, though, I wonder if we need something with leaves for the kitchen.

Which is all sort of immaterial in the big scheme of things, but a change would be nice, I think. I’m also dreaming of repainting the interior walls. They sure need it, after over five years of boys and dogs and whatnot. A Martha Stewart spread with dark (high gloss!) gray walls and white trim with jolts of bright colors caught my eye recently.


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