Internet shopping and I have been pretty good friends lately.

A. I’ve been shopping for decor for the Habitat Ball. Which is great, but also challenging, in that we need to keep costs down as much as possible while still keeping it beautiful and all. It’s been fun co-shopping with my friend D, though. She and I share a love of decorative flair, Plus, we enable each other. She’s condoning my use of feather boas, I’m giving the bubble machines a Go.

B. Cinderella needs a dress, doncha know. I’m eagerly waiting for this one, in fuschia, to go with the pink/black thing we’re doing for the ball. It’s on the less-expensive side of things, so I sure hope it doesn’t look it, you know? I love so many things about it: the one-shoulderedness, the waist detail, the shiny bit at the strap. It will need tailoring for sure; I got a medium, and my bosom is nothing if it ain’t a small. BUT as in haircuts, it’s easier to take away than to add, am I right?

C. Rainbow hasn’t had a ride-on toy at our house, mostly because we don’t have a paved driveway or a back patio any more. However, he FLIPPED OUT WITH PASSIONATE LOVE at the liquor store* yesterday and rode that little ride-on school bus like it was going out of style. It was a bad scene when we had to leave. I had the helper man take my bottles** out to the car for me so we could ride a little longer, and he still had a fit, whilst riding, because he just knew that he’d have to leave it behind shortly. So this item is on its way. Isn’t that crazy cute? I know, I could have gone to a consignment or something and gotten a plastic item that he’d probably love just as much for 1/5 of the price, but… the wheely bug looks totally awesome. The reviews are great. Cannot wait to see that little bun zipping around the house. And learned through my shopping and extensive review reading that Rainbow definitely has a PlasmaCar in his future. He’s a little young for it now, but the PlasmaCar sounds amazing.

D. And, because his passion for the truck video is unabated, we have FOUR new Hard Hat Harry DVD’s that will arrive, like, any second. Oh my goodness, I am so excited.

* Yup. I took the toddler into the liquor store. We know the owners and it’s a very family friendly booze selling establishment, plus they have a toddler play zone at the front.

** Beefeater gin, two bottles of Chardonnay (one Clos du Bois and one Hess) and a bottle of red Gascon Malbrec. Mmm.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Linda
    Jan 15, 2011 @ 04:53:56

    Rainbow will love the plasma car – my grandkids have one and the very youngest ( girl – almost 20 months old) was zipping around the basement like a pro this past weekend. They are really fast though so flat surfaces are best for the little ones.

  2. Mama Jamz
    Jan 17, 2011 @ 13:30:10

    Hi Linda! The reviews for the plasma car were just amazing. I guess I could take Rainbow to the walking trail and outdoor basketball court at our park to ride it when I get him one. A nice enclosed basement would be great for it. I loved how the reviewers were saying that older kids love it, too. Maybe a good summertime surprise, huh?

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