Well, Rainbow certainly enjoyed his trial class of Kindermusik today.

We went to the 9:30 class, which was for babies through 18 month olds. He’s 22 months old, but I thought we’d give it a shot since he’s not terribly, um, attention driven in class situations. Also, the timing worked well.

He RAAAANNNN around the room in delight. Mugged for the full-length mirror. Laughed and played with the teacher. And huuuugggggged the other two kids. They were both 18 months old, but since Rainbow is a large fellow, he was a full head and more taller than they were. He (HALLELUJAH) did not hit or bite anyone, but did squeeze the little girl’s head in an excessive display of love at one point and she cried. He and the little boy were big huggers, too, and Rainbow fell on top of him and squished him a little bit. But, really, he was remarkably joyful during the whole thing and actually did some of the moves. The teacher was 100% cool with his wandering and squealing and whatnot.

The other two kids did wander some, but were also content to sit on their mom’s laps for some of the songs and clap hands or scissor kick or whatever. Rainbow, not so much.

After class, the teacher said that the 10:30 class was for ages 18 months to 3 years old, and that we could give that a shot, too. Rainbow was ravenous (he had kept asking for cookies and cake during class, poor baby) so I fed him some food I’d brought. An entire jam sandwich and some cheese, actually. Mmmm.

Thus fortified, we did the toddler class. It was clearly much more Rainbow’s speed. He started to peter out and get sort of tired of the whole thing about halfway through, but the activity level and independent motion moves were what he needed, for sure. One of my friends from high school, B, was there with her super adorable toddler son. They, too, stayed for both classes to try them out. We were the only two mama/toddler teams in the class, which sort of negates part of what I want to do the classes for, i.e. socialization with peers.

SO, we are going to try another toddler Kindermusik in the town a half hour in the opposite direction. Unfortunately, that’s too far away for my friend to come to. I really liked today’s teacher a lot, and Rainbow did too, so if tomorrow’s class also has just one other kid in it, or if I’m not crazy about the teacher, we’ll return to the dance studio we went to today.

I’m really proud of his bouncy, positive, boundless energy. He’s a force of nature.

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