On the bright side!

I got a new haircut that I like!

What you should know in order to fully appreciate this is that I “fixed” it in about 5 minutes this morning as I rushed about, getting Rainbow and myself ready to take Rockinrolla to his 8:00 orthodontist appointment. The shorter layers made it sooo much faster to dry. (Well, I only dry the top anyway.) And it’s hard to see the choppiness of it, but it’s pretty choppy and wavy now. I think when I want to be all fancy I can flat iron it and the layers will be texturally interesting.

I went with the shorter layers because it had gotten quite a bit longer since my last cut (back in summer, I think?) and I tend to get a heavy, thick Cousin Itt thing going as it gets long. So, shorter layers! And bangs!

It’s making me feel very youthful and sassy, and I realized why. I had this same exact cut in 1983.

Another bonus: I went to a hairdresser Grandma L loves and the cut was (I kid you NOT) ONE THIRD of what I paid last time at a different salon. The salon is nicely decorated and the hairdresser seemed to be a “senior” hairdresser, not fresh out of beauty school, so I was happily shocked at the bill.

And: I baked in the salon’s tanning bed for $5 after my haircut. Which, I KNOW, is SO, SO, VERY BAD. But I wanted to get some color for the ball and the patrons’ party beforehand.

And can I tell you – it felt like heaven. Oh, divine. Like, everything good about a sauna, before it gets too hot and you’re just soldiering on through because you want to sweat out toxins and you’re committed, dammit. This was just a fabulous, bakey sensation that I would totally get addicted to if it weren’t so awful health- and beauty-wise to do regularly and if I actually had free time.

And: I got my ball dress and I love it! Needs tailoring, but I am very pro. Oh, yes indeed. Whew.


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  1. macmommy@comcast.net
    Jan 19, 2011 @ 21:16:29

    Oh, Mama Jamz….

    Let me just say I covet your hair. I mean you have some killer locks that just won’t quit.

    Completely digging the new style. I myself wish for more waves in my layers, alas the stick man was my father.

    The middle picture did not pull up, but if it is a vintage picture of the Jamz then I must come back in hopes it is uploaded.

    And the tanning bed.

    I miss her.

    She and I were so BFF’s back in the day. Totallly admitting that I actually had a frequent customer punch card to Sherry’s Tropical Tanning Paradise. Do I even dare admit that I had the monthly unlimited tanning package?

    Finally, the dress…


    Puh-leez tell me that you are doing the hair down with the big freestyle curls.

    Puh-leez tell me.

    .mac 🙂

  2. Mama Jamz
    Jan 19, 2011 @ 22:17:41

    Pshaw, Mac, I’ve never seen you looking anything but absolutely gorgeous. Are you still auburn? So, so beautiful.

    The picture *should* be working now. That would be me, my parents, and my brother at Disney World back in the day. You’ll enjoy it. :o)

    O, yes, the sun damage we did as teenagers! I worked at a health club and got unlimited free tanning, so after I worked (or worked out) I would bake for 20 minutes. O, for those innocent days of guilt free fake-baking!

    Glad you like the dress. I was very pleased, especially since it didn’t cost an arm and a leg. Way too long, and loose in bosom, but very fixable issues. I love the waist pleating, too, and the fact that I’m covered up nicely and the girls are not in danger of exposure. – i.e. no need for boob tape.

    Had not thought about the big curls! Hmmm. I was thinking the easy route for the ball, which would be flat-ironed thoroughly until sleek. But curls would be very bouncy and fun. Hmmm…

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