ongoing toddler class drama


I did have a great time in class with my friend B and her little boy the other day. The timing was good (10:30 in the morning) although the location isn’t totally ideal. It would be better, probably, to have it in the town closer to Grandma L since she keeps Rainbow once a week for driving consolidation. Plus, I though it would be nice to have a few more kids for him to socialize with. Like, a class size of four or five, right? However, the classroom was a dedicated dance room with a mirrored wall and stimulating kid decorations on the ceiling, with shelves for us to keep our belongings out of the way, which is a huge bonus, it turns out.

(see below)

So, yesterday I visited the class in the town nearest Grandma L. It was held in a church youth room. And, no kidding, there must have been twenty kids in there. And kids OF ALL AGES. From little fuzzy headed newborns to four year olds. The teacher was super sweet and said that the kids enjoyed the variety of ages in the group. She also advised me to not be surprised if Rainbow sat shyly in my lap and didn’t do much this first time, because a lot of kids felt a little intimidated until they got to know what to expect.


I told her I doubted that that would be the case with Rainbow.

And, yes. He was verrrry energetic and curious and noisy. He did NOT, in fact, want to sit in my lap and clap hands or scissor kick or whatever. He wanted to ruunnnnnn around the room in circles. He wanted to touch stuff. He wanted to try on the other kids’ shoes that they had left against the walls. He wanted to grab their sippy cups and toys. He wanted to climb in the babies’ carseats.


It was relatively okay for the first ten minutes or so. He liked going up to a couple of adults and patting them on the back and loudly announcing the colors of their shirts. That was cute. He sat down and interacted with some of the other adults, and that was good.

It kind of all fell apart when he seemed to want to… pat the other kids. An enthusiastic, one-man game of duck, duck, goose, if you will, which would be totally fine with adults or toddlers his age, but not okay with little fuzzy headed babies. Patting the babies on the face. Grabbing the babies’ shoes and pulling them off. Meanwhile, I am chasing him around the room like a crazy woman, trying to look amused and cool as I pull his hands away from other kids’ personal spaces and return their stuff. The situation was clearly spiraling out of control.

I tried taking him aside and reasoning:
You’ve got to keep your hands to yourself and not touch people, or we are going to have to go get in the car.

And immediately realized what a stupid threat that was:
He WANTED to go to the car.

He squirmed away and took off.

I collected our shoes and my purse.

We split.

I cried in the parking lot.


So, yeah, what have we learned from this?

A. Rainbow is not at all interested in sitting calmly in my lap while I and other mamas sing sweet little songs.

B. Although he looks like a older child, he’s twenty-two frickin months old and does not understand that he should leave other kids’ orange and pink rubber boots and sippy cups and tiny baby siblings alone.

C. We may not be ready for a class.


The Kindermusik class in the first town, by the way, decided that they were going to change the time from 10:30 til 12:30 to accommodate two other moms. B and I (who are, interestingly enough, ALSO two other moms!) have told them that that won’t fly with our schedules.

Rainbow is generally a good napper still and a class that starts after lunch just won’t work at all. I spoke with the scheduling person last night, and she seemed a little annoyed with me.

I’m trying to work with various people here, and if we could all just compromise, then this will work. Would you consider compromising and meeting at 11:30?

She didn’t seem to like it when I said that, No, I’m sorry, and I understand if you need to make it at that time, but that’s just too late for us. Rainbow naps around 12:30 and this location is over half an hour away. 10:30 is the time that works for us.

So, whatever. B and I are ready to do the 10:30 if they “accommodate” us and have the class for older toddlers when it’s SCHEDULED ON THEIR OWN WEB SITE, but we’re both cool if it doesn’t work out. She wants to try out the children’s museum class that Rainbow has been going to, so our little men can play together there.

And we can quit talking about Kindermusik.



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jennifer
    Jan 19, 2011 @ 23:27:31

    I can sooo relate! And your A. completely cracked me up. I did that class with my oldest when he was 2.5. He enjoyed it, but he would get so excited at how fun it was that he would run up and knock down the other kids (apparently that meant he was having a blast!) I know you are frustrated with the whole experience, but if it helps at all your posts are quite fun to read for this Mama who has been in your shoes! It’s not just my kids! 🙂

  2. Mama Jamz
    Jan 20, 2011 @ 19:07:06

    Too funny, Jennifer. I wonder if it just doesn’t pan out for really physically active boys. There were some boys there, but they tended to be younger. The older ones were mostly girls, I think, in the huge class. I never did anything like this with my other guys, so I don’t have any other experiences to compare it to.

    Thanks for reading and commenting. 🙂

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