*headsmack* part infinity

So, like forgetting about swaddling and forgetting about tantrums, I realized that it’s time for me to teach Rainbow about sharing.


In my defense, Brad and Rockinrolla sort of had that built in to their lives. They are 18 months apart, so sharing was just something we had to learn how to do. And yes, I can vaguely vividly recall the furious howls of protest when we had to share Steve Irwin dolls or ferocious dinosaurs or light sabers. Yup. Sharing was not innate to those guys, but they learned how to do it.

Ward had his older brothers (6 and 5 when he was born) so there was less sharing involved with them, but he did have cousin A right around the corner who was just a couple of months older. They played together a lot, and he got some good practice there.

Not that sharing comes naturally for anybody, of course. Especially when they’re your own toys that you’re used to playing with solo, at your own house.

Which is one of the reasons I am so thrilled that Rainbow had a playdate at our house yesterday.

We met this mom and 19 month old son a couple of weeks ago at the playground. We’d tried to get together a couple of times, but sickness got in the way, so yesterday was our first get-together. The mom is super sweet and nice, and lives nearby. They have a good bit of land, it sounds like, and already have 15 chickens, and plan to get some miniature goats.


I know, right?? Miniature goats!! My brain can’t even compute how cute they must be. She said she’s aiming for a “hobby farm” so that she and her little boy can do farm chores together. Hee. I can’t wait til our playdate next week at her house. They may not have the mini goats yet, but chickens will be pretty fun by themselves, if weather allows us to go see them.

Also, it’s really fun to swap stories with another mama of a little boy who’s around Rainbow’s age. We talked about food and speech and toddler classes and it was just great.

Anyway, Rainbow… struggled with sharing his treasured things with her little boy. Luckily, at 19 months, little S. didn’t really care what he played with, so it was a combo of me making a reluctant Rainbow give S. a turn with the toy vacuum cleaner or giant firetruck or whatever, and S. just choosing something else to play with when Rainbow made a fuss.

We had some sharing lessons with Mama yesterday and I think we made good progress. He wanted to play with my hat, and I made him take turns with me while I played with it, and cheered and clapped for him when he did it nicely. I bet he’ll catch on fast.

In other news, while he watched some Yo Gabba Gabba, I gave him his first haircut last night:

It’s not a perfect job, but I think it’s pretty dang cute. He was very wiggly with me, and there are several unruly locks I need to neaten up. But I think a trip to a salon would have ended in disaster, so I am very, very pleased with this result.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. macmommy@comcast.net
    Feb 04, 2011 @ 21:14:13

    Oh, yes…that sharing is tricky.

    Eli steee-ruggled with that.

    I remember one playdate with one of my friends for the weekend (they lived in KY)….I was nearly in tears by the time they left.

    Eli was NOT having it.

    Good point about the older boys never knowing the difference. Casey has never really known just “his”.

    Oh, growing up is fun!

    Love the cut!

    .mac 🙂

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