we’ve got big balls

Ball preparation has been a wild flurry of activity for the last few days. It takes A LOT of work from the committee to put this thing on. Money, food, alcohol, the band, auction donations, correspondence, decorations… But, oh, goodness, the ballroom in indeed gorgeous. It’s a confection of pink and black, and yes, the feather boas are used to great effect. Feathers on the tables, lit balloon bouquets are going in place today around the room.

Feather Sparkle Barbie and Pink Tie Ken tonight = Awesome.

One of the ladies commented that Yes, indeed, that’s one girly bar, but that the men will get over it because they can still get their drinks from it just fine.

Part of my job is writing up the bid sheets, so I’ve been putting in some major computer time to get those done. We put baskets together on Tuesday, and some of the ladies started decorating on Thursday. Friday was decorating day #2; I had to take all the boys and let the big boys chase Rainbow around.


Then left to put him down and work at home, while many ladies remained to work and work throughout the afternoon. We’re meeting again this morning, and should, at that point, be ready.

I gave up on getting my dress altered. I know. It makes me sad. But the neighborhood lady who normally alters for me (who comes to my house to pin me) has been sick, and I have been so dang busy that it’s just incomprehensible to work out babysitting to drive somewhere to get my dress altered. And taking Rainbow along on a fancy dress altering excursion is just totally out of the question.

But! My friend and committee co-chair J came through. I’m borrowing an amazing dress from her. It’s chocolatey-caramelly-brown, with sequins and beads and an open back. Yes, it won’t match our pink and black theme, but whatever. It’s fun to wear something new and beautiful, and I love it.

(Added bonus: wearing “shaping garments” underneath just can’t happen due to the open back, so I’ll be all comfy all night long. And it magically de-empasizes my tummy, so that’s okay. Sweet!)

Today’s To-Do List:

1. meet the ladies with my last batch of bid sheets and revisions from last night and work for a bit on the auction items and whatever else needs doing

2. color my grays

3. indulge in one more tanning

4. get my nails done. A French manicure, maybe? Two of my friends did a “gel” manicure and it looked lovely.

5. meditate/nap for half an hour or so this afternoon

6. get all prettied up

7. remember to drink water in between glasses of white wine

8. remember to eat something

9. dance to Mustang Sally and Brick House with a tuxedoed Daddy J


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Jennifer
    Feb 14, 2011 @ 03:29:02

    Would love to see pictures! 🙂

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