in the wee morning hours

It’s 2:30 and I just put little Scarlett and Wolfric out for bathroom break. Scarlett normally makes it all night, but woke me up just now. Whaddayagonnado.

I’m all creaky and sore from the little ski trip that Daddy J and I just took. It was a couple thing, a grown-up only thing, and it was great. First time skiing for both of us, and I think the fact that we avoided injury AND both made it down the beginner slope multiple times (with varying degrees of flair and speed) equals success. I’ll try to get a trip report and pics up tomorrow afternoon.

Here are a few pics from the Ball. (Daddy J used the Hipstamatic filter on his iPhone for these.) I wish I had a better pic of The Dress, which I loved, and its racy open back. We did get our Prom Pictures made by the photographer, so I’ll scan that in when they get back.

Also, that last pic? That would be me playing tambourine and singing with Four on the Floor, the band (at their invitation!) for Mustang Sally. Hee.

Totally unrelatedly: just now, I stood with the back door open to let the dogs in and noted that it’s downright balmy outside. We’ll probably get some more yucky weather (I feel like March always sneaks in some crud) but it totally feels like spring. Perhaps Aslan is on the move!!

And yeah, I’m really sleepy. Off to dreams of Narnia.

***edited to add: Just learned through Cousin Katie’s blog that Perry Moore, the producer of the Narnia movies was found dead of an overdose on Thursday morning. I didn’t know about this when I mentioned Narnia above; I just love the Narnia books and the warm end-of-winter weather reminded me of it.

I am so sad to learn about his death. He was so young (Daddy J’s and my age) and seems like such a talented and good guy. What a tragedy. Katie’s son Henry’s tragic passing due to complications from a drug overdose makes death from drug abuse very personal for our family.


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