Flat Stanley’s Visit

Dear Brandt,

I had a super visit in Tennessee. It’s different in a lot of ways from Washington, but I think both states are very nice. The town I went to was a really small one. It has fewer than 450 people!

Here is a picture of me by the town sign, next to the railroad tracks.

They even have an old-timey red caboose that kids can climb on!

I went to the downtown square. They have shops with old furniture and other weird old things, handmade jewelry and artwork, a restaurant, and an ice cream store. The town is getting ready for Daffodil Day, so they had a lot of yellow ribbons everywhere. This town has lots of special events like a Wheelchair Basketball tournament, RC/Moon Pie day, a Quilt Show, a big Art and Craft Festival, and an Old Fashioned Christmas.

Lots of people in town don’t even have mailboxes. They like to go to the town Post Office to get their mail because they get to say hello to Mr. Bill and Miss Bonnie. They also like to see the newest information from their neighbors on the town bulletin board.

I saw some cool old houses with some colorful and fun artwork in the yards. This one was my favorite. It belongs to a famous poet named Maggi Vaughn. She is the Poet Laureate of Tennessee, which means that she is very loved and admired here for her poetry books. Can you guess what her favorite colors are?

Next I visited the town park and playground. Here I am in front of a statue of Ward, your cousin. Cool statue, huh?

I had a really fun time playing at the playground, too. Playgrounds are the best! You have some fun ones near your house, too.

Thanks for sending me to Tennessee. I’m on my way home to you now. I’ll see you soon!




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