spring break trip report #2

The big boys were going to go with my mother and me on an all-day Chattanooga trip, but then Brad got a chance to spend a long weekend at his very best friend’s house in Alabama, so off he went. He reports that they had a fabulous time hanging out, and they played and listened to some sort of heavy metal music (metal core? grind core? death metal?) all weekend. Fun! They’ve been working on band names and may have settled on “Open the Goat.” They also liked “Rosemary’s Baby,” but I told them that might be a copyright issue when they hit the big time.

SO, it was down to Rockinrolla and Grandma J and me. I encouraged him to invite one of his oldest and best friends, G, so he’d have a same-age friend along. A good call: G is super fun and energetic and positive to be around. A great mini-road trip friend.

Stop One: THE INCLINE. Whee! The incline! I hadn’t been on it in years and years, but it was actually very thrilling. Near the top of Lookout Mountain, it gets crazy steep, so you’re leaning forward and feel like surely the cables will snap and you’ll go plummeting down the mile-long track. We had some time constraints with the movie we wanted to see, so I picked up some deli sandwiches at a chi-chi deli and we ate them at the top of the incline, and then got some chocolates from a candy shop for dessert.

The weather prediction was pretty dicey (although it ended up being a gorgeous day) so we decided to save Ruby Falls for another day and moved on to:

Stop Two: The MOVIE. I took them to see Sucker Punch. Yeah… I did. And yes, I’d read some of the reviews first. But! In my defense, it was the only IMAX that wasn’t all nature-y that we could see, and I thought it was a different movie than it turned out to be. I thought it was a Tomb Raider sort of action flick, with a sexy babe who just happened to be wearing a revealing outfit, but mostly about great sci-fi effects and a cool soundtrack. In reality, it was more about a vehicle for the five starlets to prance around in stripper outfits and three sets of false eyelashes for the ENTIRE MOVIE. Groannnn… There weren’t any sex scenes, so that’s good (would have been a tad awkward with the boys) but it was plenty uncomfortable when the girls kept having their Very Serious discussions and robot/zombie/orc battles while wearing S & M lingerie and thigh-high stockings. I wanted to like the soundtrack, which was mostly young female singers doing classic rock covers, but the voices were just too saccharine for me to appreciate.

(I’m pretty sure the boys loved it.)

Anyway, we came home after that (and bookended the venture with Starbucks treats.) It was a very mini mini-trip, but it was lots of fun. In addition to feeling more back-to-nature in our getaways, I’m also feeling like appreciating more local sites of interest. There’s a lot of cool stuff in our neck of the woods.


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