Rockin’ the Sun-In in the 80’s

Here’s a piece about the joys (and perils) of Sun-In hair lightening spray on Like Totally 80’s, including some choice pics of me with my naturally blackish hair turned light orange with dedicated use of the stuff. DIY is fun!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mindy
    Apr 25, 2011 @ 18:48:55

    Loved this piece, it brought back so many memories of 9th grade! That’s when I fell in love with Sun-In. What a sneaky product, it definitely can get you hooked.
    My mom had to take me to a salon to de-orange my hair. The next day a boy in my class was like “You look different. Is your hair darker?” And I blurted out “Um, what? No! It’s always looked like this! Really!”
    So silly 🙂

  2. Mama Jamz
    Apr 26, 2011 @ 05:13:03

    Too funny, Mindy. I can totally see myself answering like that, too. Thanks for making me smile. 🙂

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