Bullets!** Because a lot has been going on, and I’m feeling about as sharp as a wet cotton ball because:

* I’m sick. Lousy, crummy, FINE I’LL GO TO THE DOCTOR sick. On Friday, I woke up feeling like my throat was full of hot dryer lint, so immediately thought STREP!!, but then crazy prolific nasal congestion followed, so I was all, Cold. Fine. Then yesterday was just full-on bodily miserable, tired and sore and with mucus production in overload, plus both glands in my throat hurt a lot. Doctor appointment’s in a hour.

* Rainbow’s going to preschool tomorrow. (!!!) It’s a place about 10 minutes away. Rainbow, Papa J, and I visited on Friday, and it was great. Very clean, small, well-run, safe. I think Rainbow will love it. Right now we’re set up for Tuesdays and Thursdays, although I may reassess in the fall and go up to three days a week. It will be his first time (since the ill-fated venture at the church preschool) away from me, but I think this time he’ll do better this time around, and I’m sure I’ll prefer this place. He’s older and more into playing with other kids. I think it will help with his picky eating, and that child LOVES to play with other kids.

(Yes, I’m totally dreading the emotional freak-out he’s going to have. Yes indeed I am.)

* Daddy J went to scope out an auction on Saturday morning and came home all addled and wonky. I asked if he’d had a wreck, and he said, Well, you won’t believe what happened, which sent my cold-medicine dulled self into adrenalin rush panic. He was parking in a field at the auction (which is what one does at rural auctions – that’s where people have to park! – and the Nissan Armada is built on a truck frame, so WTH, Armada?) and the airbag deployed.

I knew that it wasn’t funny when airbags deployed for no reason, no matter what comic effect they get in movies and whatnot, but it turns out it’s a big deal. He said that he heard a huge explosion and the world went white, and he thought, Well, that’s it, I’m shot in the head, and passed out. He came to a few seconds later with the deployed airbag in his lap. Daddy J is no lightweight; he works out and is pretty buff, and it really rang his bell. We (his dad is EMT trained) checked for whiplash and we were on pupil-dilation concussion alert for the rest of the day.

I’m curious how this will turn out, since it’s, like, a thousand bucks to get your airbag reinstalled. The insurance company says they only pay for it if there was a collision or rollover (which is when the airbag is supposed to deploy) and that otherwise Nissan should pay for it, since it’s a mechanical error. So, it’s probably a no-brainer, but I sure hope we don’t have to argue and work to get Nissan to do the work. Daddy J’s dropping off the car now and getting a loaner.

* Easter was actually wonderful, even in my sicky state. We had planned initially on going to my mom’s, but I had a sleepless night of anxiety last week and realized that I just can’t take Rainbow there right now. Her lake house is where Ward’s accident was, and to go there on a pretty day with people playing outside would be way too much for me to deal with. I just have no desire whatsoever, ever, to walk down to the dock again, or even see the lake from her back porch, and I would be terrified the entire time that Rainbow would slip away down there alone.

SO! Easter at our house. Daddy J totally stepped up and cooked an awesome lasagna so that I could have a hearty veggie option, and my family brought a feast of ham, potato salad, corn pudding, broccoli and rice casserole, rolls, multiple cakes… Mom brought cookies on a stick for Rainbow, which delights him no end. And it was one of the best times I’ve ever had, just hanging out with my mom’s family. Everyone was in a great mood and Rainbow was so dang charming with his aunts Sandy and Lissa. He also was pretty adept at walking on the knee-high tightrope in our backyard when his hands were lightly held on either side.

* Scarlett’s digging out of the backyard was successfully thwarted by Daddy J’s installing an electrified wire along the bottom of the fence. She’d get zapped, yelp, run off, and then go back to yap at the fence in irritation. Heh. Little stinker. She seems to have learned her lesson.

** And I don’t see how to actually create html bullets, so we’ll just be going for asterisks with this post. But I’m keeping the title, because I kind of feel like I’ve been knocked upside the head by a superhero right now.

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