Spiderbite Chronicles III: THE END


I went to our local doctor, who’s also a friend, this morning. After a steroid shot, Mucinex, and starting a round of antibiotics, I’m feeling much better. Turns out I had fluid in my ears, a reddened throat, enlarged neck glands, and a “yucky” infected-looking inside of my nose. Bleh. Not 100% better, but definitely on the mend over here. So, that’s good. Brad appears to be coming down with it, which definitely isn’t good, but I dosed him with some children’s nighttime cold remedy and he was asleep by 9:00.

I had totally forgotten to ask about the rashy bite on my rear end (and wanted to see if ringworm, as JenniG had suggested, might be the culprit) and let the doctor leave, but had the nurse who gave me my steroid shot ask her to come back in when she could. I waited, and waited, and waited. She was with another patient, and I almost gave up to go get my meds at the pharmacy, but then she came back to the exam room.

I described the whole deal: the presumed spiderbite (but with no critter ever found,) the bullseye rash, the itching, the blisters, the disappearance, the reappearance, the disappearance, the reappearance…

She checked out the remnants of this most current episode, now in the healing phase, and said,

Yeah. It’s shingles.

Which I totally thought was a weird old person disease that we don’t really get any more nowadays, like scurvy or rickets. Not a good thing by any means, but sort of relegated to older people who grew up with some sort of vitamin deficiency or incomplete vaccination schedule.

The shingles explains the shooting pains down my leg, which I had thought were from spreading spider venom or damage from said venom. I’m glad all the guys have had chicken pox vaccinations, since shingles both originates from a past episode of chicken pox and can give someone chicken pox if they’re not immune, although they’d be unlikely to have contact with the shingles on my tush, anyway. It’s a drag in that I guess it will be a recurrent thing, but won’t actually hurt me if it stays on my bum and doesn’t pop up on my face, where it can cause blindness if untreated.

I can see my shingles and my osteopenia cackling like old biddies in rocking chairs on the front porch of my bodymind, waving the next visitor up to join them there.

Who’s next? Arthritis? Cataracts? Gout?


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