So, we were all stoked for an easy, restful weekend. I took Rockinrolla to his middle school awards ceremony on Friday evening (he won book awards for both English and Spanish – way to go bub!) and then we met Daddy J at the Guitar Pull that our friends Linda and Doug had arranged. (Brad was on a movie trip with his school.)

The Guitar Pull was just awesome. We were on the front row, and four talented and extremely successful songwriters (one was singer Aaron Tippin) spoke about their songs and performed them. I’m so glad Rockinrolla was there with us (and missed Brad) because they both aren’t big fans of country, although I play it a lot in the car. It’s impossible, though, to not appreciate the poetry and earnestness and positive energy from that music when the songwriters themselves are singing their own songs for you. Loved it.

And we had nothing lined up for the rest of the weekend.


Daddy J made a quick run to the market on Saturday morning. He came in through the back glass door and surprised Rainbow, who was SO glad to see him that he threw open the heavy metal door. Onto his bare foot. Which got a deep 1″ long cut. Which split right open because his little feet are so plump.


So, emergency room visit number one for little Rainbow. (Although it was hospital trip number two.) I’d say something witty and pithy about little boys being wild men and getting into scrapes, except it’s not funny at all, and Rainbow, both times, was just being an enthusiastic little sweetie pie and not a naughty daredevil.

Hallelujah!!! the ER was empty on Saturday morning and we had zero wait. The doctor and staff were absolutely perfect in every way – caring and attentive and professional. Go, go, go, Heritage Medical Center. I was anxious going in because we’d had a very negative experience with the old hospital, eleven or so years ago, when Rockinrolla fell on the kitchen floor and got a concussion. Which was totally unfair of me, because this is an entirely new hospital, but still. I was nervous that it would be a repeat of the awfulness, but no. GREAT medical service.

Little boy was very brave. The nurse put a numbing cream on the wound and administered some Tylenol 3, and we watched Sesame Street on Daddy’s iPhone while the cream soaked in. Rainbow got loopy and relaxed from the meds, but still cried and protested during the stitching up process. (I held him close and did NOT look.) Rainbow and I waited in the car while Daddy J filled the prescription for antibiotics at Walmart (which totally took about as long as the entire hospital process) and then took little bun home.

He had a little yogurt and a leftover pancake for lunch, along with his dose of Keflex, and then took a three and a half hour nap.

And then woke up and vomited ALL OVER THE PLACE.






Our doctor told us to discontinue the antibiotics (which were just precautionary for possible infection at the site) since it was impossible to tell if it was the Tylenol 3, the Keflex, or the traumatic experience that was causing the misery. I kept a log of his GI troubles, and the last bout was at 4 am. Poor honey.

So, yeah. It was a wild one. He ate a little on Sunday, and then had a pretty normal day yesterday, and is very happily back at preschool today.

Stitches come out in a week.


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