school’s out

For the big boys, anyway. Rainbow is going to keep on going to daycare; we’re actually changing it to three days a week instead of two, since Goonie’s new work schedule probably means she won’t be keeping him one day a week any more. He seems to really love it. He talks about it when he’s not there (play with friends! Miss C give apple juice! Crackers! Play with trucks! Color with crayons! Play with DINOSAURS!) and is napping well there, in general, and eating at least a little bit.

When Daddy J picked him up on Tuesday, he chirped, Bye-bye, Miss C! Good job! as he left. And then today, when I dropped him off, he clung to me for a minute and then asked to be put down. Bye-bye, Mama, a wave, and a swift turn to the toys and his friends.

Which, yeah. A fierce punch to a Mama’s heart, but I’m so very proud of him.

Also, this guy:

Won MVP of his middle school lacrosse team. It sort of astonishes me that I, who possess neither team sport skills nor an aggressive sporty competitiveness, am mother to this boy. Pretty cool, huh?


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