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Before I go get Rainbow from his crib (where he is happily reading books and flopping around, having sabotaged his nap ONCE AGAIN with the poop-and-fling-the-dirty-diaper-then-soak-the-bed-and-fail-to-sleep-after-mama-cleans-it-all-up trick) I thought I’d share the latest 80’s article I’ve written.

It’s about the puffy sleeves we loved on ladieswear in the 1980’s. There are some choice vintage pics in there, but I love the dress Jennifer Connelly got to wear in Labyrinth the very best:

The Daddy J Music Channel

Daddy J has put three of his original songs on the world wide web. I love my man’s music. Take a listen and enjoy!


Love Lift Us Up…

Just had a new piece published on Like Totally 80s about the romantic duets of that decade. Oh, man, there were some great ones! I hope I included your favorite in my list.

This was mine:

Love, love, love it.


Little (fine, fine, BIG) Brad is in his first non-school play. He interned with the Tennessee Shakespeare Festival and is part of their show, The Comedy of Errors.

Yes, I’m incredibly proud. There’s my boy on the back left, wearing a black hat and white suspenders and playing guitar.

They (interns and professional actors both) have been working super hard the last few weeks. I’m talking about practices from 2-9, and from 7-midnight. With some morning work as well. The show itself is superb. The dancing, the stage, the music, the costumes, the acting, and, of course, and plot are fabulous. Brad is onstage the entire time playing guitar in the ensemble music group.

If you’re around, please come see a performance and support this group. We love that it comes to our hometown, and want them to feel the love so they keep bringing it back. Tickets to this under-the-tent show are way affordable, too. There are burgers, brats, and bevs for sale, and you are invited to bring your own wine or beer if you’d like to. People show up early for performances (like, maybe an hour, hour and a half) to reserve good seats and eat and visit on the lawn.

family tripping

Daddy J and I went with the big boys to Washington, DC a couple of weeks ago. It was so fabulous – SUCH a perfect trip for teenagers (and grown-ups). A la Wyoming, where they pleasantly surprised us by loving the landscape and hiking and outdoorsiness of the whole thing, the boys were perfect roadtrip riders and sightseers. We were so proud of their reactions to historic sites, war memorials, and the Holocaust museum, and they appreciated exotic restaurants and food, too.

I missed little Rainbow like crazy, but it would have been a really bad call for him to come with. On the last two days, the temp in DC was 96 and 98, which is too hot for anybody, let alone a toddler. And he’s not potty-trained (although we’re making big progress!) and doesn’t eat out terribly well. And our townhouse wasn’t babyproofed. Anyway, I think it’s safe to say that he had more fun with doting grandparents than he would have with us. But, yeah, it was really nice to come home to him.

I made a photo book at Walmart about the whole adventure. Daddy J was inspired by my efforts and is, I think, making a more artsy and text-free book, but I wanted to record some info in with mine so we didn’t forget details.

Check it out here.

As an aside, it makes me wonder about adoption profile books. Like, is this what prospective adoptive parents are doing nowadays? It was so easy and inexpensive. For Rainbow’s adoption, I cut and pasted and did this whole scrapbook thing and had bound books made. I think it looked cooler, in a homemade scrapbooky way, but this assisted photo book option is a great one.

really good busy-ness

It’s been a happy blur of a summer so far. Rainbow has been going to his daycare 3-4 days a week, and actually likes it a lot. He sleeps there, he eats there (things he does not eat at home – bonus!), and he talks about it happily when he’s home. I take him about 9:00 and pick up about 4:30, so it’s not a tremendously long day, but plenty long enough for me to get some work done.

Which I’ve been doing more of. And loving. The standardized test work for Discovery is incredibly satisfying. I kind of can’t believe I get to do it, it’s so awesome. I started working for them, what, maybe four years ago? Doing practice item writing, data analysis, and test revision and creation. But for the last couple of years, I’ve gotten to keep it strictly to passage writing, which, for me, is the fun part. I get orders for needed reading passages with skills to embed, and write them for grades 1-10. Poems, biographies, plays, informational passages.

Also doing some freelance as well, which is super fun, too. Here’s an article for Like Totally 80’s about Speak and Spells. And I’m still submitting when I can to parenting magazines, although I have a little less time for that since I’m doing more test work.

(Oh, my poor romance novel characters, stuck in their relationship limbo. They still need to have their big fight, then realize they can’t live without each other. Hang in there, Chelsea and Marcus.)

We took Brad and Rockinrolla to Washington, DC, a couple of weeks ago. Awesome big boy trip. We did a VRBO house and are now converted: it’s definitely the way to travel with the whole family, since the teenagers need their own hotel room anyway. We stayed here and loved it.

adoptive breastfeeding

Here’s an article I wrote about adoptive breastfeeding for Adoptive Families magazine. It’s in the May/June issue, but I didn’t know it was internet accessible until today.

The responses to my attempt to breastfeed Rainbow were telling; 9 out of 10 times, they were, Wow, adoptive breastfeeding! I didn’t know you could DO that! I’m really hopeful that it gets easier and more common for adoptive mamas to do it in the future. I blogged about my efforts quite a bit here, so you could poke around if you wanted and see more of what went on when we were trying it.

It was really fun to get in my first paper magazine, by the way. I’m all excited. They sent me two copies, and the the blurb about my breastfeeding article is right there ON THE COVER.


I’m driving to pick Rainbow up from his two (now three) day a week daycare, on the up-down road that he loves.


I feel that hot tingle, that not-unpleasant shock down my right ear to my jawline that tells me he’s there. Turn off the radio and say Hello.

I’m glad you’re here. What’s going on with you? I’m on my way to pick up Rainbow.

affection and inquiry

Yes, he’s amazing. He’s so fun and sweet and lovable. Such an enormous blessing. I love so much that we have him in our family. I love him.

a wave of love and gratification

(And I get the feeling, not for the first time, that Ward had a hand in this, that he knows Rainbow and loves him, too, and that he not only approved but was around when the plans were laid. I feel like he’s proud. I imagine the two of them hugging, and how they would play together right now: silly, bossy, fearless, adorable little boys. I cry overwhelmed, full-of-the-goodness-of-the-whole-thing tears.)

Is anything going on special with you? I hope you’re doing amazing things.


(I laugh, too.)

I love you.

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