adoptive breastfeeding

Here’s an article I wrote about adoptive breastfeeding for Adoptive Families magazine. It’s in the May/June issue, but I didn’t know it was internet accessible until today.

The responses to my attempt to breastfeed Rainbow were telling; 9 out of 10 times, they were, Wow, adoptive breastfeeding! I didn’t know you could DO that! I’m really hopeful that it gets easier and more common for adoptive mamas to do it in the future. I blogged about my efforts quite a bit here, so you could poke around if you wanted and see more of what went on when we were trying it.

It was really fun to get in my first paper magazine, by the way. I’m all excited. They sent me two copies, and the the blurb about my breastfeeding article is right there ON THE COVER.

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