really good busy-ness

It’s been a happy blur of a summer so far. Rainbow has been going to his daycare 3-4 days a week, and actually likes it a lot. He sleeps there, he eats there (things he does not eat at home – bonus!), and he talks about it happily when he’s home. I take him about 9:00 and pick up about 4:30, so it’s not a tremendously long day, but plenty long enough for me to get some work done.

Which I’ve been doing more of. And loving. The standardized test work for Discovery is incredibly satisfying. I kind of can’t believe I get to do it, it’s so awesome. I started working for them, what, maybe four years ago? Doing practice item writing, data analysis, and test revision and creation. But for the last couple of years, I’ve gotten to keep it strictly to passage writing, which, for me, is the fun part. I get orders for needed reading passages with skills to embed, and write them for grades 1-10. Poems, biographies, plays, informational passages.

Also doing some freelance as well, which is super fun, too. Here’s an article for Like Totally 80’s about Speak and Spells. And I’m still submitting when I can to parenting magazines, although I have a little less time for that since I’m doing more test work.

(Oh, my poor romance novel characters, stuck in their relationship limbo. They still need to have their big fight, then realize they can’t live without each other. Hang in there, Chelsea and Marcus.)

We took Brad and Rockinrolla to Washington, DC, a couple of weeks ago. Awesome big boy trip. We did a VRBO house and are now converted: it’s definitely the way to travel with the whole family, since the teenagers need their own hotel room anyway. We stayed here and loved it.

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