family tripping

Daddy J and I went with the big boys to Washington, DC a couple of weeks ago. It was so fabulous – SUCH a perfect trip for teenagers (and grown-ups). A la Wyoming, where they pleasantly surprised us by loving the landscape and hiking and outdoorsiness of the whole thing, the boys were perfect roadtrip riders and sightseers. We were so proud of their reactions to historic sites, war memorials, and the Holocaust museum, and they appreciated exotic restaurants and food, too.

I missed little Rainbow like crazy, but it would have been a really bad call for him to come with. On the last two days, the temp in DC was 96 and 98, which is too hot for anybody, let alone a toddler. And he’s not potty-trained (although we’re making big progress!) and doesn’t eat out terribly well. And our townhouse wasn’t babyproofed. Anyway, I think it’s safe to say that he had more fun with doting grandparents than he would have with us. But, yeah, it was really nice to come home to him.

I made a photo book at Walmart about the whole adventure. Daddy J was inspired by my efforts and is, I think, making a more artsy and text-free book, but I wanted to record some info in with mine so we didn’t forget details.

Check it out here.

As an aside, it makes me wonder about adoption profile books. Like, is this what prospective adoptive parents are doing nowadays? It was so easy and inexpensive. For Rainbow’s adoption, I cut and pasted and did this whole scrapbook thing and had bound books made. I think it looked cooler, in a homemade scrapbooky way, but this assisted photo book option is a great one.


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