there and back again

It was our seventeenth wedding anniversary on August 13. It seems impossible. I pointed out to Brad that I had been married longer than he’d even been alive, and he very deadpanned-ly said, Yep, that’s how it usually works, Mom. I guess the weird thing is that I have two children who are now old enough to be adult-sized and generally mature-ish. Weird.

With Brad and Rockinrolla off with my mom and her husband to Yosemite, and Goonie ready to babysit Rainbow, we wanted to have a grown-up getaway. And also wanted to see our friends K and A and their daughters in Atlanta. Originally, we were going to do a road trip to the Georgia coast, but then Daddy J priced tickets, and it turned out that there were some fabulous deals to our favorite place in Mexico.

We started with two nights in Atlanta at the Ritz (Daddy J got a corporate rate!) and hung out with my friend’s family at their neighborhood pool all day on Saturday. Fancy Thai dinner with them that night, then on to Playa del Carmen.

A bathwater-warm pool, really impressive resort food, water aerobics (for me) and volleyball (for Daddy J) and tons of reading (both of us), and muchos mojitos while we broiled. A friend from town visited at the resort one day, which was fabulous, and we went in to town one evening and caught up with some local friends at a bar. We swam in the ocean on the last night, with an almost-full moon, and it was one of the most magical times ever. Clear turquoise water and moonshine sparkling on the waves. A gorgeous, decadent trip.

I missed the tar out of my little baby, and kind of felt like I had my arm reattached when we got home to him. He did great with Goonie and at preschool while we were gone, and is now a full-on potty man with rare accidents. Brad and Rockinrolla started 10th and 9th grades yesterday; they are thrilled because their cousin began 6th grade this year.

And now the house is starting to wake up. Boys will get ready for their schools, the carpet shampooer is coming this morning (hallelujah!), and I’ll get back in my work and writing routine.

It’s nice to be home.


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  1. Meghan Casey Cobble
    Aug 16, 2011 @ 12:58:17

    Home is nice. I agree!

    Glad you and yer man had an awesome time!

    17 years…wow!!

    .mac 🙂

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