***warning: injury photos follow, if you’re sensitive to that sort of thing. The toe one is especially cringe-inducing.

I don’t know if it’s an inevitable consequence of being a Mama or just the fact that I’m no longer a spring chicken, but regardless, I’ve been mangling the fire out of my body lately. It’s a bummer, because I hate pain, and also because boo-boo’s slow me down. You know, the hobbling and all. I fell on the stairs with Rainbow on top of me a few weeks ago (and am monumentally grateful that he was unscathed) but now have this yucky, weird scar on my arm. It’s like the muscle or ligament or whatever got severed or crushed; when you run your hand across that area of my arm, beneath my skin it’s all: raw chicken, raw chicken, DEEPLY GROOVED IMMOVABLE STRIP OF BEEF JERKY, raw chicken…


It also has this Nike-swoosh sort of scar, which maybe I could make some coin off of in some way, if I started running or something and got in shape.

Then yesterday morning, I popped in to the pantry, failing to take in to consideration that Daddy J had installed these racks for pot lids, and slammed my shoulder into the edge of one. Owie.

And then, I was moving Rainbow’s tent on the front porch and knocked one of the boys’ bikes over. The pedal totally crushed my stay-home piggie. It’s all mangled and bruised and swollen, also cut in two places.

(taken right after the incident, pre-swelling)


I called Goonie, who’s an RN, and she suggested I go to a doctor when she saw the picture that I tearfully messaged to her. But, phhehh… I hate waiting at the doctor’s office. She guessed that the toe is broken, and that the doctor would immobilize it by gauzing and taping it to the unhurt toe next door.

So that’s where we are today, scarred and taped and limpy.

Everything else (other than the economy, HAHAHAHA. I’m now reading Super Sad True Love Story and finding it awesome and addictive and terrifying) is going great. It is such a huge bonus that Rainbow uses the potty, I can’t even tell you. He still has occasional #2 accidents, but this morning, all by himself (Mama, SHUT THE DOOR!!) he had a big ol’ substantial b.m. And forget the froggy potty; he’s a grown-up toilet guy now.

Also a huge bonus that he loves his preschool. He has this little gang of pals there who greet him joyfully. It’s Rainbow! Hi, Rainbow! I play dinosaurs or cars for a few minutes with him and his little posse, and then leave my contented 2.5 year old to play.

We generally do preschool 4 times a week now, which is more than I ever did with the other boys, but he LOVES IT. Rainbow’s such a social butterfly that he insists on pouncing on all visitors and coercing them to play kitchen. He’ll wake up and beg to go to Chuck E. Cheese or Discovery Center, to go see our weekly playdate pal, to go see cousins, to go to school. To “go see some guys.”

So, yes, hallelujah for a safe, affordable preschool that he loves.

Brad has a part in Much Ado About Nothing (Barachio, I think) and Rockinrolla’s 8-man football season is in full swing. First game is tonight! I’ve been working quite a bit with test writing and articles for Like Totally 80’s, both of which I enjoy tremendously. It looks like I’ll have another article published in Adoptive Families magazine, too, as soon as I get some hi-def pictures taken.

Salad days, mangled body and all.

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. charmarie221
    Aug 27, 2011 @ 20:31:34

    ouchie… hows it feeing now?

  2. Cresta
    Aug 27, 2011 @ 20:55:47

    Oh Julie, I broke (at least I think I broke but never got an X ray) my pinkie toe last April, 9 days before a week in Disney. It bruised and swelled for about a week. I hobbled through Disney, but now 4.5 months later it still hurts a little. It doesn’t hurt all the time, just if I bend it. I am surprised it hasn’t healed completely. I blame turning 40! I hope you have better luck.

  3. Mama Jamz
    Aug 30, 2011 @ 19:27:31

    Thanks Char and Cresta, it’s better. I don’t notice it most of the time, but if I forget and wiggle my toes, it hurts. Cresta, that sounds like an enormous bummer to have this sort of injury in Disney. I once gave my toe a horrible stubbing in Mexico and had to hobble for the last days of vacation, and it was just awful. But there’s not much lounging about on a Disney vacation, is there? Poor little toes, huh.

  4. Cresta
    Sep 01, 2011 @ 19:17:31

    Yes, the timing was horrible, but I did have one pair of sneakers that were very cushy and well worn so I just wore those the whole week and didn’t have too much pain. I tried to look on the bright side and say, “Well at least it didn’t happen the day before”, but still, I was kind of annoyed. And it was my dog’s fault, trying to keep him from escaping I hit my toe with the door. I am just still surprised that it’s not 100% healed.

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