this and this, and this, too

This sort of feels like a goodbye, and certainly feels like a we’ve been here before, but it’s not a goodbye, and it’s it’s own thing, if you dig me.

First off, you can certainly friend me on Facebook if you like. Just comment and I can click on your email and give you my Facebook name. I’ve made a few other friends that way and I really value keeping up with them on FB.

Secondly, not only have we not dropped off the planet, things are pretty fabulously great. I’m still writing a lot for Like Totally 80s and loving it, as well as continuing with the standardized test passage writing and loving that. Still have our bumps, of course, but things have been remarkably, blissfully smooth of late.

My big boys are in 9th and 10th grades now and rocking out in their various activities: theater, lacrosse, schoolwork, music, and social butterfly-ing.

Rainbow is bright and funny and smart and strong. Here he is singing “The Baby Bird Song,” part of our somewhat lengthy bedtime routine. You might recognize the plot line of the song from P.D. Eastman’s “Are You My Mother?”

Daddy J is still hot and awesome. We’re grateful every day to be married and get to be the parents of all our good, good, good boys.

The big thing, the psssst-guess-what thing, the OMG!!! thing that’s going on is that I’m writing fiction AND GETTING IT PUBLISHED.

I’m probably irritating Daddy J to death about it, but I can’t stop myself: I still giggle and hop around the house, all thrilled that my novella manuscript got accepted by a legitimate publishing house (yes, I totally researched on authors’ forums before choosing this one) and that I have an actual contract on it and YESSSSSS!!!

I’m plugging away on other romance stuff (the editor actually has three more stories/novellas of mine to review, and I just started a new one) in addition to my LT80s and test writing, so this blog has been pushed to the back burner.

Here’s the kicker: it’s erotic romance. Mom, you will NOT be invited to read this. Like, I’m writing using words I would never utter in public about possibly-illegal activities I’ve never engaged in with an assortment of interesting characters. It’s really, really fun, but people: it’s really, really risqué.

(Quick definition: erotic romance = fiction with the elements of traditional romance, including a Happily-Ever-After or Happily-For-Now ending, PLUS super-explicit sex scenes.)

My first novella comes out on August 13 (our wedding anniversary!) and should be available for pre-order in May or June. It’ll have its own racy cover art, you guys!! And the company I’m working with has really exceptional cover art, truly.

Anyway, let me know if you want to friend me on Facebook, and I’ll definitely announce here when my novella (with its pretty cover art!) is available. Thanks so much for checking in, and thank you for your support over the last several years. I hope very much that things are going well in your life and I’d really love to hear from you.


10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Linda
    Mar 19, 2012 @ 15:13:11

    Congratulations!!! That is big news and I can imagine you dancing around the house too.

    Glad all is going well – I kept checking your blog and was missing your posts!

    Erotic romance?? Hee hee. I wouldn’t let my mom read it either……Wonder what the cover will look like.

  2. Mama Jamz
    Mar 19, 2012 @ 17:53:42

    Thanks, Linda. It’s super exciting. They had me describe in detail what I’d like the cover to look like so that the artist would have something to go on. It involves a ruined castle and a girl in hiking attire and (ahem) some friends. 😉 Can’t wait to see what the artist comes up with.

  3. camille t
    Apr 13, 2012 @ 02:29:37

    Rainbow is beautiful, Mama Jamz! How fortuitous that I checked your blog tonight.
    I don’t do FB, so our paths won’t cross until Don and I come to the Buckle at some point in the future. But I WANT TO READ YOUR BOOK!!!
    Will you email me some details so I can order it? Very, very exciting!

  4. Mama Jamz
    Apr 16, 2012 @ 20:57:51

    Thanks so much, Camille! It should be available for preorder in a couple of months. I’m finding the whole publishing process somewhat frustrating (groan – ask James about my impatient griping) but good things come to those who wait, right? It should be actually out on Aug. 13. And there are three more novellas currently in the queue for review that I obsessively check emails to see whether they’ve been accepted or not. We would LOVE to hang out with you and Don. Are you coming in for reunion?

  5. Lorri
    May 30, 2012 @ 01:54:52

    Kind of funny– I used to read your blog until IT changes at work made me lose the name of your blog. I finally found it tonight and saw that you are closing up shop again.Can’t believe how big your boys got!!! I do wish you all the luck in the world on your book! I have really enjoyed getting to know you through the great Internet. I have often thought about creating my own blog because I have so enjoyed yours but I am not sure I would get many readers. I think of doing just to jot down my feelings. Who knows maybe I will do it. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Mama Jamz
    Jun 10, 2012 @ 05:32:01

    Hi Lorri,

    I’m so flattered that you used to read my blog and then found it once more. Thank you so much for commenting. It’s really nice to see you here. Blogging is really fun, and who knows where it can lead. By all means, blog away, and share with your friends and on Facebook, if you’re there. I’d love to read what you have to say, too. Best of luck with all your endeavors. 🙂

  7. Ramona
    Jun 26, 2012 @ 21:17:44

    I have been looking to see how you all are doing, and was thrilled to get an update on Mamapundit the other week. I stumbled across your blog right around Rainbow’s arrival. We adopted our son not long after. Best of luck to you and your boys. You have a beautiful family!

  8. camille t
    Jul 26, 2012 @ 22:44:10

    Hey, Mama Jamz! Any details on your book? I definitely want to buy and read it. My go to books this summer have fallen in the paranormal romance, urban fantasy, erotic romance categories, so yours should be right at home in my reading queue!
    hugs to you and yours

  9. Mama Jamz
    Jul 27, 2012 @ 20:08:31

    Thanks so much, Ramona and Camille! As you can see in the above post, I decided to expose my alter-ego and give a little more info about what I’ve been up to. It’s an exciting time for me, and I hope things are going beautifully for you and your families as well.

  10. LaDonna
    Oct 02, 2012 @ 17:18:40

    I have loved reading your posts and would like to continue to follow them if I can on Facebook. Thank you

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