On the bright side!

I got a new haircut that I like!

What you should know in order to fully appreciate this is that I “fixed” it in about 5 minutes this morning as I rushed about, getting Rainbow and myself ready to take Rockinrolla to his 8:00 orthodontist appointment. The shorter layers made it sooo much faster to dry. (Well, I only dry the top anyway.) And it’s hard to see the choppiness of it, but it’s pretty choppy and wavy now. I think when I want to be all fancy I can flat iron it and the layers will be texturally interesting.

I went with the shorter layers because it had gotten quite a bit longer since my last cut (back in summer, I think?) and I tend to get a heavy, thick Cousin Itt thing going as it gets long. So, shorter layers! And bangs!

It’s making me feel very youthful and sassy, and I realized why. I had this same exact cut in 1983.

Another bonus: I went to a hairdresser Grandma L loves and the cut was (I kid you NOT) ONE THIRD of what I paid last time at a different salon. The salon is nicely decorated and the hairdresser seemed to be a “senior” hairdresser, not fresh out of beauty school, so I was happily shocked at the bill.

And: I baked in the salon’s tanning bed for $5 after my haircut. Which, I KNOW, is SO, SO, VERY BAD. But I wanted to get some color for the ball and the patrons’ party beforehand.

And can I tell you – it felt like heaven. Oh, divine. Like, everything good about a sauna, before it gets too hot and you’re just soldiering on through because you want to sweat out toxins and you’re committed, dammit. This was just a fabulous, bakey sensation that I would totally get addicted to if it weren’t so awful health- and beauty-wise to do regularly and if I actually had free time.

And: I got my ball dress and I love it! Needs tailoring, but I am very pro. Oh, yes indeed. Whew.

so, whatcha reading?

I finished The Street of a Thousand Blossoms by Gail Tsukiyama, and it was GREAT. Kind of a family/historical saga about Japan during and after World War II (spoiler alert: it was NO FUN much of the time). The best part, though, was getting some insights into sumo. Previously I knew nothing whatsoever about sumo, other than it seemed to involve enormous Japanese men grunting and gripping each other and trying to push the other down, with a lot of posturing and staring. I still am nothing near a sumo expert, BUT have a newfound appreciation for it and wouldn’t mind catching a bit of a match sometime.

I’m currently into Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt, which is awesome and shocking and wonderful to read. ALSO quite the downer at times. Were this not a memoir and I KNOW the author makes it out of the desperate poverty of his childhood, I might put it down for something a bit more upbeat. It’s riveting, though, and will make you hugely grateful for the simple luxuries of feeding your children well and living with them in a safe, clean home. And it’s making me want to learn more about the Catholic saints. I just looked up St. Christina, whose demise (according to this site) is slightly different than McCourt describes it in his book, but still just astonishingly lurid.

I’m a big fan of taking the big boys to the bookstore and letting them pick out a book for a treat, and then perusing the aisles for whatever strikes my fancy, and I’d love to hear about any books you’ve read that you’ve loved.

photo journaling

So, yes, everything’s actually going wonderfully. Just blindingly fast and busy-like, but all is well.

Rainbow had what is probably the mildest cold ever (thank you, thank you, thank you) and just never got really sick at all. After one morning of a half-hour of icky rivulets from his nostrils, there was just a wee bit of clear watery stuff and an occasional sneeze, but his eating and sleeping were not affected at all.

The big boys are doing terrifically at their very hard schools, and I am such a proud mama. Were I the braggy sort, I’d talk about their grades, but clearly, I’m not, because that’s just not appro…pri… gah!! both got all A’s and one B which is pretty stinkin’ impressive especially considering the sports they are doing!! mmmph…

I’m actually missing Rockinrolla a lot during the week, because with basketball practice and study hours at night, I really only see him at dinner, bedtime, and breakfast, and I just don’t like that. We kind of played hooky today: one of his braces brackets came off, and I figured we could just waltz in and get it fixed, so we had planned a lunch and shopping, but it turned out the ortho was gone on vacation this week. But we went ANYWAY. And it was GREAT. Rainbow was a happy little doll throughout Target, TJ Maxx, Macaroni Grill, and two baby clothes stores, and Rockinrolla and I just enjoyed each other. He has a 7:15 away game tonight and won’t get home til after 9:00, so I am glad we sneaked in some time.

The Fishmaster came in second (SECOND!!!) by ten seconds at his cross country meet a few days ago. This would be AFTER a younger kid had tripped over him as the runners started out and the Fishmaster came to a full stop to make sure the boy was okay. So, yeah. My chest is puffed out pretty big for that one.

Craft fair was great. Ward’s birthday celebration is coming up on Sunday at 1:00. Halloween is next, then Thanksgiving, then the Christmas madness is upon us. I’ve got someone coming in once a week now to take care of Rainbow while I work on my online job, which I think is going to be great. This past Wednesday was pretty good, but it will get better once she learns his patterns and habits.

So! Enough with the blah-blah!! PICTURES!!








Daddy J and I at the Heart concert in the big city.









Rainbow with very lovely cousins and a friend, doing his signature “O look a camera, I will now drop all facial expression” trick.











Why, hullo, Rainbow! You are indeed handsome and charming and smiley!








Rainbow with Rockinrolla and one of his new friends from school. This kid loves to hold Rainbow and make him laugh, so he gets a BIG thumbs up from me. I told the boys this pic was important because it was the first of the three of them, and we’d take another when they were seniors, and they will all have changed so much. (…*sniff*…)










Daddy J and I before a friend’s “Spooky French” themed dinner party.









And THIS guy, let’s not forget him.









Goodness, but he’s a beauty, no?











Also, possibly slightly orange-nosed.


















Well, ANYWAY, it’s totally not that vibrant in real life. More like a subtle, pinkish-peach tinge. And he doesn’t seem to be suffering from it.









Rockinrolla with a cousin and friends at the craft fair on our sidewalk, playing music for handouts. YES this was my idea, and it was SWEET. The Fishmaster joined in as soon as he realized they were actually making money.









AND, a surprise birthday party for Grandma L. Ask me how much I love S’s Talk To The Hand. Ask me!! I love it THIIIIISSSS MUCH!!!











Surprise: SUCCESS


















Then there was this.











Then a lil’ whoopsie-squish.



















Daddy J’s family from Washington State didn’t really seem to mind the loss of the cake.









In fact, they seemed somewhat amused.









So, yeah, it was good.











And who needs cake when you’re fabulous?

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