let’s get this party started

Well, hullo!

I’m going to start blogging here rather than on the private blog I’ve been doing because apprently it’s a pain in the neck for people to sign in to it.

Which means this is no longer private (oooh!! the public’s invited!!)  and we therefore need…

Nicknames!!  Whee!!

I am going for Mama Jamz because the middle son has taking to calling me that and I love it.  The man of the family will henceforth be known as Daddy J.  The oldest son, my mighty fisherman and cross-country running almost-13 year old, is The Fishmaster.  And the middle son, my football playing, electric guitar rocking 11 year old, is The Rockinrolla.  The youngest son, who left his body over three years ago after an accident and just had his sixth birthday, is Wardie.  And the adopted newborn for whom we are excitedly waiting is Rainbow.

Nice to see you – thanks for dropping in.

I’m about to take The Fishmaster to Normandy Dam and make some rainbow trout sorry that we were ever born.

Mama Jamz out.

***edited to add: So, my oldest is now on his third nickname. For a long time, he was The Commodore, his choice after The Fishmaster. Now, however, he says he wants to be Brad. Yes. Brad. Heh. I guess it comes from our long tradition of naming pets perfectly reasonable human names, like Chris, Linda, and Ellen. Somehow they become funny when they are chosen for pets and, it seems, nicknames. Go figure.

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